Student Travel Column: Destination China


26-year-old Miki Wang visits the Ruoergai Prairie in Sichuan Province, China. Photo credit: Miki Wang

Julie Gauthier

Miki Wang, 26, talked to The Sundial and shared her travel experiences as a student.

Q: Have you traveled a lot?

A: Yeah, I traveled a lot in my life. If we bring [it] back to frequency, I almost travel to a new place every month during the past two years.

Q: Where have you been?

A: I have been [to] most of the cities of famous tourist’s place[s] in China. I have been to Beijing, Jiuzhaigou in central China, and the border between China and North Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, [and] now I have been to America.

Q: What is your favorite place you’ve been?

A: Hangzhou in China.

Q: How long was your trip?

A: Twenty days.

Q: Who were you with? What did you do?

A: I was with my boyfriend. I … started with Hangzhou, then an old town. After that, [I] went to Shanghai, the economic center of China, then South Korea for four days … then I went back to Beijing, the capital of China, and I finally went home after that.

Q: Any mistakes you’ve made or something you would have done differently?

A: I wasted my college time. I wish I had done a study exchange in another country maybe like in Europe or East Asia. I [would] have more experience about the world by now.

Q: Tips to other travelers?

A: The touristic place always looks much better in the pictures. So, enjoying the process of traveling; moving to a new city is the most important.

Q: Most memorable moment?

A: I went to a place which is the natural protection area in China called Jiuzhaigou. It is extraordinarily beautiful. I think it is memorable not only because the particular view, but also the Zangzu people live there, which is a minority in China [that] kept their traditional way of living. I also made a friend there.

Q: What is your next trip? Would you travel alone?

A: Maybe New York. I want to see how the other side of America looks like. No, never alone, I prefer not to. I like sharing my moments with others.

Q: In one word, what does traveling means to you?

A: Life.