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Adventure is worthwhile

Illustration. Photo credit: Julienne Shih

Summer may have just ended, but, for some students, winter break can easily distract the mind.

The allure of exploring the world, near or far, is shared among the college community.

Whether it’s a short weekend getaway, a road trip up the coast or a European rendezvous, money is a necessity and now is the time to start saving.

CSUN offers a lot of access to desirable parts of southern California because of its proximity to mountains, beaches, deserts and lakes. From Lake Arrowhead to Santa Barbara to Joshua Tree, there is a destination for everyone.

Even if just for a day, one should go out and explore the world.

“You have to remember that home isn’t the only place in the world, and that it’s healthy to meet new people and go new places,” said 20-year-old literature major Miguel Hernandez.

For a week-long vacation, there is little better than a road trip up the coast of California. Whether you use Airbnb, camp out or find an affordable hotel, the memories are made on the stops along the way.

Beginning in Los Angeles, consider make seeing some of the best known places in California including Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, Carmel, Half Moon Bay and San Francisco.

Choose places that best suit your interests: hiking, shopping, historical landmarks, wine tasting, whale watching and other enjoyable activities can be found throughout the state. On the drive home, try to fit in as much as possible. For this vacation of six nights and seven days, your budget should be around $700 to $800. Start by saving approximately $60 each week.

Melanie Gharapetian, 22-year-old psychology major said, “I would choose Laguna Beach. It’s a nice place with a lot to do. I love beach towns, especially Laguna — the weather is perfect there, and it’s not too far away.”

For those who have want to get out of the country, check out StudentUniverse, a company that offers travel discounts for students, for cheap airline tickets and good deals. Give yourself $50 to $100 a day to live off of, depending on the country you choose.

Make sure to convert from USD to the currency for where you choose to stay; this includes money for sleeping arrangements, food and a little extra for spontaneous adventures.

Get immersed in the culture. Check out museums, landmarks and music for the full experience. Hostels are a great way for students to travel cheap, but always be sure to compare hostels and flight plan prices on several sites.

For traveling from place to place, using public transportation such as trains or buses can help save a buck. This adventure could cost around $3,000 to $4,000, including the average daily cost of living. Put away approximately $290 a week for a trip that should be both unforgettable and exciting.

Make conscious efforts to save from now until winter. Reach out to friends and family for assistance paying for the trip if necessary. Write a letter or create a post on social media. By asking for a helping hand, you may come across someone willing to give you a small job to help raise the money.

Remember, these budget guidelines are rough estimates; increase or decrease the amounts depending on your situation.

“I think for me, when it comes to travel, the emptiness of people who can relate upon return is the driving force behind my wanting to constantly explore,” said 21-year-old business major Griffin Nichols. “Explore in search of people who also have ‘the bug’ and can relate.”

Aristotle once said “Adventure is worthwhile.” Good luck and go explore.

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