Unorthodox theatre will enhance VPAC’s presentation of “Dracula”


Photo credit: Matt Petit.

Joseph Jackson

Look deep into their eyes.

These “Dracula” performers are drawing the audience into the story with a radio style performance and a lot of face time.

The Valley Performing Arts Center will present “Dracula” on Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 8p.m. In this special version of “Dracula,” the characters will primarily focus their attention toward the audience more so than themselves.

The actors will talk in front of a microphone instead of facing each other, with their lines resonating throughout the VPAC.

L.A. Theatre Works actress Alexis Jacknow will perform the role of Mina Murray. Jacknow has traveled throughout the country performing a new kind of theatre, what she calls the “hybrid of traditional theatre and radio.”

“It will be more scary,” said Jacknow. “Its going to trigger the audience’s imagination and provide engagement between the performers and the audience. We wanted to go after the gothic melodrama.” The highlight of the tour has been the audiences for Jacknow.

The actress said even sign language interpreters have come in full character as well. The interpreters dress up as vampires and even have fang marks on their necks that drip blood.

“It’s been such a fun time because everyone gets creeped out,” said Jacknow.

There will be a CSUN student performance on the same day at 3 p.m. The cost will be $5 and free food will be given to those who attend.

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