Captured: Garage Gallery


Hidden in a garage, the new gallery in Los Angeles showcases local work in a small room.

Vincent Nguyen

Downtown Los Angeles experiences a flurry of entertainment that a lot of things get lost in the midst of the metropolitan.

But deep within the alleyways and one-way streets, the “Garage Gallery” keeps itself out of trouble right off the 8th Street exit off the 110 freeway.

Finding it is like finding the leprechaun and the pot of gold, and entering it is like tumbling into the rabbit hole. Housed inside of a garage, the gallery exhibits art from artists around the area, but it is also a haven for local DJs to come and showcase their mixes in the lounge at the end of the gallery.

Colorful, trippy and fun, the newest art gallery in downtown L.A. costs $5 to enter, but leaves a lasting impression on those who leave.