Sundial Songs of the Week: The Fall Series, Vol. 8


Illustration by Julienne Shih

Vincent Nguyen

Contributed by Georgia Simone Levy 

There is no Halloween hangover with playlists and musicians, so here’s another week added to the Fall Series.

DJ New New is back in the mix, providing five tracks on the playlist from her extensive track library. This week features Chet Faker and Marcus Marr’s “The Trouble With Us,” along with TOPS’ “Hollow Sounds of the Morning Chimes.”

Without further ado, here’s the eighth volume of the Sundial Songs of the Week.

Chet Faker & Marcus Marr

“The Trouble With Us”

Imagine Chet Faker working with Mark Ronson, except he’s not. The Australian vocalist gets all funky in this track, but before that, he showcases his signature silky smooth voice. It’s something 18-year-old English major Melanie Salazar finds calming.

“It’s one of those songs you can listen to while hiking or going to the beach,” Salazar said. “I really like it.”

If it hasn’t been played in a club or remixed yet, it shouldn’t.


“Hollow Sounds of the Morning Chimes”

That distant voice, the girl singing in the intro, is what immediately gets the listener’s attention. This song has an old school vibe that is taking it way back. It may make you want to hop in a 1963 Mustang [or a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, whatever you prefer] with a lover or friend and cruise Pacific Coast Highway to the Bu [aka Malibu] for the day. Play this song and get lost in their sounds.

Katie Got Bandz

“Juice Got Me Loose Ft Plies”

The beat drops right away and you won’t stop bouncing along with it. It’s got that “after-hours” sound to it too, so you can’t ignore it. Plus, Katie’s spittin’ fire the whole way through. This one’s a banger.


“Coller Le Petite Prod By Dre”

If you can mix French, rap and your own cultures slang into one song, it will definitely deserve a listen. Currently, this Franko guy seems to be catching the attention of people around the globe due to his unique Cameroonian sound and style. Once you press play you can’t stop moving your hips.