ACASOLA performance honored National Media Literacy Week


Roza Asgharzadeh

CSUN Students were gathered on Thursday, Nov. 5 at the Sierra Tower to see ACASOLA perform in honor of National Media Literacy Week.

ACASOLA, CSUN’s first a capella group that was established 10 years ago, celebrated literacy week by teaming up with on-campus organization Proud2BMe, dedicated to support confidence among young adults.

“Nowadays it’s hard to distinguish between reality and hyper-reality. At a young age we are so consumed by perfection, and it’s a deception,” member of ACASOLA, 21-year-old communications major Estefania Padilla said.

ACASOLA showed their support by performing empowering songs such as “Titanium,” Mika’s uplifting single “Lollipop,” and the classic “I Will Love Again.”

“We picked Titanium because it’s about being strong and really about empowering yourself. Everyone loves ‘I Will Love Again’ because you can feel the energy and it’s just about overcoming hardship,” 20-year-old music therapy major Arianna Monge said after her performance.

Chiendu Nwogu, 21, finance major at CSUN enjoyed the performance and appreciated ACASOLA’s contribution in promoting the organization.

“I believe there are different ways to communicate messages; music is one of [the] great ways to communicate that,” Nwogu said.

Media Literacy Week highlights the importance of teaching children and teens about media consumption and a positive experience online.