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Take a peek inside at artworks by some of the most talented students at California State University, Northridge
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Editor's Note

First and foremost, thank you to all the creatives that submitted their artwork to this edition of Arts & Lit! This issue would not have been possible without the contributions from the students of CSUN. 2019 marks the end of a decade in which a whole generation took hold of digital platforms and made it their own We share the best moments of our lives with friends and family, we network by exchanging social media profiles, and keep a constant communication in spite of the physical distance between us. For artists, it has become a tool to extend our creative selves.


Art in the Digital Age is evolving. It no longer manifests in the physical realm but also in the virtual worlds we are creating. We are “the accoucheurs of the new,” as Russian poet Andrei Voznesensky wrote in his poem “The Artist.” In other words, artists assist in the birth of every innovation presented to humanity. The “new” may come in all sorts of forms, including technological developments. It is in our nature to embrace these platforms and engage with them the only way we know how to: creatively.


We preserve and defy the traditions of our muses. We create stories and share our thoughts through our art and present them in new mediums. All of the works in this issue relate to the theme of the Digital world, whether because they were self-published on Tumblr or Instagram, or because they comment on this challenging era. Given that artists treat their profiles as their portfolios, don’t be shy to connect with some of them and check out more of their work!

Ivan Salinas,

A&E Editor – The Sundial

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