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Students unsure about legalizing recreational marijuana in California

Illustration by: Sarah Cascadden

A.J. Circhirillo

March 24, 2014

Morgan Tilford, a senior majoring in communication studies, played for CSUN’s men’s basketball team last year. But he did not return this season to play for the Matadors because of a recurring ulcer problem that has kept him on the bench many times during his sporting career. “There is n...

Petition to separate California into six states approved for signatures

Illustration by: Sarah Cascadden / Contributor

A.J. Circhirillo

March 9, 2014

California is no stranger to change. The Golden State is considered one of the most diverse states in the country, and a Silicon Valley venture capitalist is looking to give California a massive makeover. Last month, Tim Draper’s petition to divide California into six separate states was approved to collect s...

Facebook users do not like oversharing, studies show

A.J. Circhirillo

February 18, 2014

Marissa Guerrero, junior communicative disorders for speech language pathology major, rarely updates her Facebook activity. She deactivated her account for nearly a year before she resurrected it to stay connected with her sorority sisters. “I don’t like sharing my personal information. I’d...

California Teachers Association supports Gov. Brown’s tax initiative

A.J. Circhirillo

February 21, 2012

The future of publicly funded schools in California will be decided through budget proposals this November by three different groups, including one endorsed by Gov. Jerry Brown. Late last month, the California Teachers Association, one of the largest education unions in California, officially announ...

CSUN students robbed while walking to their cars

A.J. Circhirillo

November 23, 2011

Two CSUN students were robbed last Wednesday while walking from campus to their cars. The area surrounding CSUN also saw an increase in crimes last week. The robberies were separate incidents with striking similarities. Both victims were white females and were approached by two suspects just after...

Student Showcase delivers to excited crowd at Northridge Center

Dance group CSUN Dance won the 10th annual Student Showcase as the overall best dance group on Thursday, October 20. A.J. Circhirillo / Daily Sundial

A.J. Circhirillo

October 23, 2011

The 10th annual Student Showcase started with a seemingly tame crowd, and ended with host Ron G barely able to control them during the dance-off that would end the event, Thursday night. “The crowd was incredible,” said Ron G, seven-year comedian from Georgia. “I love this school, I’ve done over 100 schools and the diversity of this school makes it special, ...

USU hosts 10th annual student showcase at Northridge Center

Diontay Odom (center) with his team called the

A.J. Circhirillo

October 19, 2011

CSUN students will get a chance to show off their talents in the USU’s 10th annual student showcase Thursday at the Northridge Center. “If you want to have fun on campus, there’s no better place than here at the USU,” said Kevin Castech, talent show organizer.“See your friends and fellow...

New tax plan not the answer to nation’s problems

Illustration by: Jose Ramos / Contributor

A.J. Circhirillo

October 16, 2011

Working its way through the lower intestines of our legislative system is a new bill that will force the highest earners in America to pay higher taxes. Many are calling this new plan “the buffet plan,” as President Barack Obama has joined forces with billionaire Warren Buffet in an attempt to make ...

The effect of desensitization

A.J. Circhirillo

October 12, 2011

  The suspected gunman was photographed wearing a white shirt that displayed the words “human rights violatin” in black ink standing near the Oviatt Library. About an hour later, a symphony of tones and vibrations marked the delayed news of a suspected gunman on campus at the Oviatt...

USU sponsors overseas studies

A.J. Circhirillo

October 4, 2011

Students can learn about CSUN’s study abroad program, dine on international foods and obsrve  photographs taken by students during Wednesday’s USU-sponsored Annual Study Abroad Fair in the Northridge center. "The most important thing is that students sign up for an information session with me,"...

Question of the Day: Should LGBT be taught in K-12?

A.J. Circhirillo

September 28, 2011

Do you believe that the state should make it mandatory to have LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) taught within the Los Angeles Unified School District? Is this an infringement on the innocence of youngsters, or a giant leap for unbiased education? What do you think? LGBT history classes...

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