Daily Sundial

Everyone deserves an education

Alexandra Chavez April 15, 2009

Regardless of citizenship, there shouldn't be any reason why a person with the desire to learn shouldn't be given the opportunity to pursue higher education. In the state of California, Assembly Bill 540...

Looking to the future financially

Alexandra Chavez March 18, 2009

In an attempt to educate students in a topic they may not be familiar in or care to be interested in the University Student Union held a seminar titled 'Investing for your Future.' A total of seven CSUN...

Racism: lesson never learned

Alexandra Chavez February 26, 2009

Dialogue sparked between CSUN students at the Jena Six performance Wednesday afternoon. The event, sponsored by the University Student Union and hosted by the Black Student Union (BSU) at the Grand Salon,...

Dancing in Black Reign

Alexandra Chavez December 3, 2008

Zenash Shifferaw, a 21-year-old public relations major, is treasurer and an active member of hip-hop dance team, Black Reign. The group became a part of Shifferaw's life four years ago when she joined...

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