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You should experience the CA Honeydrops

Cynthia Gomez

March 18, 2013

New music is everywhere nowadays. Everyone is capable of creating music by simply pushing a button but just because it's easy to make, it doesn’t mean it’s that great. There’s the challenge: good music is hard to find. Sometime in November of 2007, somewhere in the subway stations ...

Justin Timberlake’s comeback may succeed

Justin Timberlake's comeback may succeed

Cynthia Gomez

March 6, 2013

  When Pop stars call it quits or go on a hiatus due to criminal charges, drug addictions, family obligations or other career concentrations, fans are always on the edge of their seats waiting for their comeback. At times, there are disappointing but hardcore fans who are eager and optimi...

Eating Disorder Awareness Week inspires students to love their bodies

Eating Disorder Awareness Week inspires students to love their bodies

Cynthia Gomez

February 25, 2013

CSUN students are participating in inspirational, interactive and educational events as part of Eating Disorder Awareness Week. The national event is a collective effort made up primarily of volunteers who want to raise awareness on the dangers of eating disorders and the need for early intervention and treat...

Mental Illness portrayed in ‘the Master’ and ‘Silver Linings Playbook’

Cynthia Gomez

February 20, 2013

We often wish we could be like the fictional characters in films. Maybe they represent something magical that allows our imagination to expand vividly so we can relate to them or they can be someone so real but still far from the truth. There are some films with personalities that are so intense that...

The ‘Harlem Shake’ comes to CSUN

Cynthia Gomez

February 18, 2013

About 150 students gathered in front of the Oviatt Library Monday afternoon to participate in a viral YouTube sensation known as the Harlem Shake. “I’ve seen the videos and thought they were really entertaining," said Kanika Vig, public health major. "Once I saw the invite from CSUN students,...

Salvador Santana is more than Carlos Santana’s son

Cynthia Gomez

February 15, 2013

If you hear the name Salvador Santana, it is more than likely you will immediately identify with his last name. Yes, he is the son of guitar legend Santana, but he is more than that. The 28-year-old keyboardist, vocalist, composer, and songwriter has taken his humble upbringings and musical talent to embark o...

Last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts

Last-minute Valentine's Day gifts

Cynthia Gomez

February 13, 2013

In grade school, when it came to that special day, that is Feb. 14, our parents pretty much took care of it for the most part. They made sure that all 25 classmates had their popular cartoon theme cards with their Hershey’s Kisses taped on them. Our only challenge was to make sure all of our classmates...

Bad Religion’s new album ‘True North’ is their comeback

Cynthia Gomez

January 31, 2013

A 30 year-long career for any band or artist is very impressive. Most bands suffer rearrangements in lineups, record deal failures, death and sometimes, just life. For Bad Religion, it’s been most of those things. The agonizing trauma of losing beloved original members while trying to still be accepted...

Bruno Mars’ new album breezes by with hit after hit

Cynthia Gomez

January 25, 2013

Before becoming his own pop phenomenon, Bruno Mars was the creative hand behind some of 2010 greatest and most popular hits like Flo Rida’s “You Spin Me Right Round” and B.o.B’s “Nothin’ On You.” He also produced with Maroon 5’s front-man, Adam Levine. By the fall of that year, the Hawaiian-native...

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