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Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

CSUN professor brings Katrina dialogue to stage

Cyro Duarte May 17, 2006
CSUN students and a faculty member will conduct interviews of victims of natural disasters to present a play about their experiences in Fall 2006. The interviews are part of a grant project on "Natural Disasters" that will be made up of displaced and evacuated Hurricane Katrina, Rita, flooding, mudslide, and earthquake victims.

Students help bring awareness of river’s problems

Cyro Duarte May 11, 2006
CSUN students from a Communications 323 class helped bring awareness to a problem afflicting the Los Angeles River. The students chose to help clean up the Sepulveda Basin May 6, which is one of 15 problem spots along the river. Jon Turner, junior leisure studies and recreation major, was the coordinator of the class project, adding that the group chose to help revitalize the Los Angeles River.

New A.S. vice president holds back to give back

Cyro Duarte May 10, 2006
Sarah Jackson, or S.J., as she is known to her friends, is a senior communication studies major who was supposed to graduate this semester; but she wants to give back what CSUN gave to her. So she plans to enroll in extra units next semester to be the new Associated Students vice president.

USU’s Matador Nights planned for Fall ’06

Cyro Duarte May 5, 2006
After about 1,500 students attended the University Student Union's Matador Nights April 28, the USU decided to make additional plans to organize two nights Fall 2006. Matador Nights was a first-time experimental event brought to campus this semester, partly done to give CSUN students a safe environment to party and increase school spirit, said Debra Hammond, USU director.

Students shed light on homeless animals

Cyro Duarte May 3, 2006
Several CSUN students organized an event to bring awareness to the plight of pets and encouraged people to adopt animals April 29. The "Pet Rescue Awareness Day: Finding Loving Homes for Animals" was attended by students, faculty and residents who brought their pets and acquired information from booths about animal testing, pet adoption and neutering.

Physical therapy offered to public

Cyro Duarte May 3, 2006
The Department of Physical Therapy will offer a variety of practice areas this month, especially for children and people with walking problems. The Physical Therapy Center for Advanced Physical Practice will have services ranging from bone density screening and computerized motion analysis.

A.S. president elect Salgado dreams big

Cyro Duarte April 28, 2006
Almost no one is likely to accuse Adam Salgado, newly elected Associated Students president, of a lack of ambition and determination. "One day I want to hold public office and become the mayor of Los Angeles," Salgado said. Salgado, 24, is from East Los Angeles.

CSUN adviser inspires students, staff to seek education

Cyro Duarte March 28, 2006
Cedric Hackett, the son of a man who only had a third-grade education, said he has always encouraged his youngest son, 6-year-old Tyler, to get the best education possible. Hackett, CSUN academic advisor and founder of Advancement to Graduate Education, is also a graduate student.

A.S. kids’ center teams with Ralphs

Cyro Duarte March 23, 2006
The Associated Students Children's Center has recently partnered with Ralphs Supermarkets to create additional activities for the center, said director Arlene Rhine. "Every time a person shops at Ralphs and shows their ID, the Children's Center will get a percentage from that," Rhine said.

Film falls short of cinematic ‘Haven’

Cyro Duarte March 22, 2006
If you like blood, sex and money, "Haven" is perfect for you. Director Frank E. Flowers did a great job in confirming the renowned and relaxed atmosphere of the Cayman Islands. The movie showed how the islands are not known for their salaries or business profits.

CSUN financial aid fair explains money matters to students

Cyro Duarte February 24, 2006
Matador Dollar Day was held Feb. 15 to provide CSUN students with information regarding financial aid, money management and credit-card debt. "Students get a $20,000 loan on their credit card to get the hottest car - just look in the parking lot - but will not borrow from the student loans office, which has a much low-interest rate," said Lili Vidal, associate director of the Financial Aid Department.
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