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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

Phone, Notebook, and Pen

A new generation of poets on social media

Ivan Salinas January 31, 2020
Social media has become an additional outlet for creative writers to express themselves through verses, words and hopefully inspire others.
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“Easy Rider” in 2020: Born to be dead

Ivan Salinas January 25, 2020
Spoiler alert, the film representing the peaceful and free '60s counterculture ends on a grim note.
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Madus, VOVE’s Artist of the Year, set to release EP in spring

Ivan Salinas January 22, 2020
Five of Five Entertainment, CSUN's student-led record label, chose their band last fall semester, and now SFV locals got a record deal.
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Rushing Waters: A Mural that Celebrates the History of Pacoima

Ivan Salinas November 20, 2019
San Fernando Valley local Levi Ponce leads a team of artists to paint a mural representing Pacoima.
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Culture a l’Aztlán: Fobia Celebrates 30 years headlining at Tropicalia Music Festival 2019 and a US Tour

Ivan Salinas November 7, 2019
One of the most influential Latin alternative bands is set to play at this year's Tropicalia Music Festival. The Sundial spoke to band member Cha! highlighting the band's success and an insight into their music projects.
CSUN Playlist

Tunes to Relax Your Mind: A Playlist Curated by CSUN Students

Ivan Salinas October 31, 2019
On our Instagram story this past week, we asked students what they listen to after a stressful day of class. From mellow hip-hop to soft, melodic indie songs, here is a set of perfect songs to enjoy during your self-care session of the day.
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Pa’l Norte: A Sundial Curated Playlist

Ivan Salinas October 21, 2019
These five songs highlight the experience of undocumented immigrants looking for a better life. Spanish-speaking artists tell the painful and resilient stories of people migrating from South to North America and from Africa to Europe.
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Regenerating Environmental Beauty and Justice

Ivan Salinas October 9, 2019
Meet Miles Lewis, art educator and environmentalist in the San Fernando Valley.
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Pop Culture for Change

Ivan Salinas September 27, 2019
What do animated characters teach us about planet earth?
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Gun Accessibility Near CSUN

Ivan Salinas September 21, 2019

The San Fernando Valley is no exception to the overwhelming options for locals to obtain a gun. The CSUN campus is surrounded by five gun stores and shooting ranges within a 10-mile radius, not counting...

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Film & Identity: A Closer Look at the Hollywood Hobo

Ivan Salinas September 15, 2019
The American Hobo has been an archetypal character since the dawn of classic Hollywood films, but what message do these films give to its audiences?
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8 one 8: Brewing Culture in the Valley

Ivan Salinas September 5, 2019
Bar-hopping around the Valley is now possible thanks to the pioneering scene of microbreweries opening in the area.
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