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Tunes to Relax Your Mind: A Playlist Curated by CSUN Students

Photo credit: Sarah Hofstedt

“Under the Light” – Fleece

Submitted by: @tyewrite

Included in the indie rock band’s sophomore album “Voyager,” Fleece’s “Under The Light” is an adequate intro to set the listener in a state of deep relaxation. Carried by a melody of soft acoustic guitar chords, a soulful rhythm and psychedelic keyboards, it creates a bright colorful set of images for the listener. Like its title, this song is best to play during a day out at the park under the light — preferably sunlight. With lyrics that contemplate time and solitude, the Montreal band excels in their poetic and music composition.

“Between the Bars” – The Civil Wars

Submitted by: @nataliefina

This duo, composed of Joy Williams and John Paul White, did an acoustic ballad cover of Elliot Smith’s song, which touches on one of the ways many of us cope with stress. “Drink up with me now / And forget all about the pressure of days,” the second verse of the song says. From the perspective of a romantic narrator urging someone else to have a drink, the voice in this sad tune embodies a feeling of pain. It could be interpreted as a way of showing the addictive and painful nature that comes with drinking alcohol. Though it is not an uplifting topic, it is a song that should make the listener more mindful of their coping mechanisms to deal with stress.

“All Day Long” Chance the Rapper

Submitted by: @eliii.gz

Chance the Rapper couldn’t have been more thankful after releasing his debut full-length LP this year. With this song, he shares the same feeling of happiness with his listeners, specially since his album was well-received by audiences. Here, Chance expresses gratitude to some people in his past and God, as his gospel influences are notorious in his music. A family-friendly song, this song gives listeners a boost of energy, and hopefully it is a reminder for us all to be thankful for what we have.

“In My Life” – The Beatles

Submitted by: @brendanreedcrabb

“There are places I remember / All my life though some have changed / Some forever not for better / Some have gone and some remain / All these places have their moments / With lovers and friends, I still can recall / Some are dead and some are living.” The simple words from the 1965 classic song, “In My Life,” become more true as we look back at our younger years the older we get. With the highs and lows of life itself, it is impossible not to enjoy the journey of our lives since it is shared with some of the best people that have helped our growth or loved us back. If there is one thing The Beatles’ timeless music shows, it is the value of love for life itself.

“The Boxer” – Simon & Garfunkel

Submitted by: @g_muralles

The unforgettable ’60s duo shares the story of a man overcoming poverty and loneliness in New York City in this track. Accompanied by a soft acoustic guitar melody and brief intervals of drums that sound like whiplashes, it is a struggling journey for the boxer. The song could be taken as a metaphor of the resilient nature within us. It is needed in order to overcome the battles we are bound to lose or when we are beaten by the gloves. “The fighter still remains,” as the lyrics say. It’s difficult to stand strong when life beats you down, but it is moments like these that force you to be mindful of the path you’re choosing to live.

“Whatever It Takes” – Imagine Dragons

Submitted by: @bethany_aandrade

“Whatever It Takes” — a phrase that we are most familiar with and utter when we want something to happen. The uplifting driving force of the song is a staple in the sound of the American pop-rock band that rose rapidly into stardom. It highlights the motivational energy needed to accomplish herculean tasks. The lyrics show this mindset as a liberating force: “I do whatever it takes / ‘Cause I love how it feels when I break the chains.” A long day at school or at the workplace can make us feel trapped but when we find our passion, nothing stops us from pursuing it.

“Better Things” – Massive Attack

Submitted by: @ivansali_

A trip-hop effort from the Bristol-native duo, producers Robert “3D” Del Naja, Grant “Daddy G” Marshall and featured vocalist Trace Anne Thorn have created a song that seems to fit the narrative of a couple going through a breakup. If you’re going through something like this the mood is not bright at all; instead, everything could feel gloomy like the slow soulful reggae vibe from this 1994 cult classic, but “better things must surely come our way.” At the end of every meaningful relationship, there is a period of mourning to get through before we can continue moving forward. At the same time, its title is a hopeful reminder that the bad moments in life are also transitory and with the right mindset, you can overcome it.

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