The Sundial

CSUN’s very own art world

John DuBois

March 27, 2007

var uslide_show_id = "efbee245-5ec6-4b74-bbfe-1d5bf28cca1f";var slideshowwidth = "468";var linktext = ""; Compared to many of the other departments at CSUN, the art department has a very open door attitude. Walking around the art buildings, located at the northern tip of campus, you will find many cl...

The Burrito Project

John DuBois

February 21, 2007

var uslide_show_id = "e4c0f59d-2aee-4e8d-bedc-eba21a59ebce";var slideshowwidth = "468";var linktext = ""; The Los Angeles Burrito Project is a group of friends who meet once a week to help make a difference in their community. Using materials bought by the members themselves and donated by local restau...

Illegal Art Photo Essay

John DuBois

February 14, 2007

var uslide_show_id = "d98b4ff5-51f1-4064-bb8a-f11327db32c8";var slideshowwidth = "468";var linktext = "";

Acting Interested: The life of Shana Gagnon, a graduating Theater Major at Cal State Northridge

John DuBois

October 12, 2006

Days after her 21st Birthday Shana Gagnon moved from her home in Rochester Hills Michigan (about 30 minutes from Detroit) to sunny Southern California to pursue her career as an actress and to begin school at Cal State Northridge. There she has graced the stage for performance in "The Trojan Women", "E...

Lip service from ‘Kissing Tigers’; in person ‘ Knitting Factory

John DuBois

March 24, 2006

Kissing Tigers took the stage at the Knitting Factory on Sunset Boulevard and jumped into their first song "Rooms by the Hour." The band's five members form a tightly knit group with a sound that filled the intimate venue. The group played a number of songs off of their 2004 album "Pleasure of Resist...

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