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Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The dangers of trying to spark up an old flame

Managing Editor November 30, 2005

Loneliness is a nasty emotion to overcome. Struggling to prevail over bouts of need, want and desire is difficult to achieve alone, especially when you recently broke it off with a boyfriend. As human...

Buy your team flag, jump on the sports bandwagon

Managing Editor November 28, 2005

Why is it when a sports team gains a streak of success, the team becomes grossly popular among non-regular sports fans? Take, for example, the Los Angeles Clippers, who after enduring some of the worst...

Prop. 73 increases risks for women and doctors

Managing Editor November 7, 2005

In the great scheme of California politics, the Nov. 8 special election will prove to be another waste of taxpayers hard-earned dollars as indicated in recent polls regarding the election. Several initiatives...

Get in shape with the help of a few household items

Managing Editor October 25, 2005

After a day of juggling between two jobs and a 15-unit course schedule, eating Chinese takeout and In-N-Out burgers is often the only option available to eat in a hurry on and around campus. It is then...

No love lost for the pathetically weak and needy, she said

Managing Editor October 20, 2005

Why don't you call me anymore?" This infamous phrase is often coined by what I like to call "needy people." Most sane people have encountered these kinds of manic personalities. Needy people call a million...

Racial terms allow false stereotypes to perpetuate

Managing Editor October 13, 2005

If an ethnic person listens to rock music, attends rock shows, wears skater-brand clothing and has white friends, he or she could be racially labeled as "whitewashed." The term could be detrimental to...

CSUN’s hardest workers in need of a nice big raise

Managing Editor October 12, 2005

Every morning at 5 a.m., Physical Plant Management workers can be seen working diligently to maintain CSUN's grounds. Both men and women dump out trashcans, clean windows, mow lawns, and sweep and mop...

Revitalizing USU will allow students to experience CSUN

Managing Editor October 5, 2005

Four years ago, when I was a senior in high school and searching for a college to attend, CSUN stood out in mind. After I visited the campus, I was determined to enroll at CSUN and become a part of its...

Internet dating takes lots of patience, good Taser

Managing Editor September 15, 2005

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't advise any individual to engage in midnight chats on ultra-hip Internet dating websites, but the dating pool is scarce, and singles are far and few between. As a...

One cynic’s sentimental take on graduating from CSUN

Managing Editor June 1, 2005

To many, including this particular 2005 graduate, the rigmarole surrounding graduation consists of primarily hype, accentuated by a few hundred dollars or more lost to pricey regalia, announcements and...

American support for ailing pope confusing at best

Managing Editor May 23, 2005

While most religious leaders and figureheads are well-known primarily among their own followers, Catholic Pope John Paul II is a unique case. Consistently throughout the past month, John Paul II's deteriorating...

Getting carded and the advantages of being a girl

Managing Editor May 17, 2005

For my 21st birthday last September, one of my friends gave me a card with, "You still look 16," written inside. In the moment, I didn't know whether to take this as a compliment, which was clearly my...

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