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‘It’s Crunch Time’ brings students study aids during finals

Matthew Ashman

May 3, 2012

Starting May 8, the University Student Union (USU) will be hosting an event called “It’s Crunch Time” which aims to help students alleviate stress during a time that is very taxing for most students - finals week.  Best of all, this event is free. The event is being held at Plaza Del Sol, USU...

Tablet ownership among college students triples as digital revolution continues to work its way into education

Matthew Ashman

April 30, 2012

Tablets are making quite an impression on some people.  Tablets are not quite a smartphone and not quite a laptop, but they are rather a combination of the two.  Are tablets here for the long haul?  Or are they just the newest fad? According to a Pearson Foundation Survey, tablets are more than...

Associated Student bring ‘Big Politics’ to CSUN

Matthew Ashman

April 29, 2012

The four leading candidates for the 30th Congressional District seat will face off and take on national issues during a debate taking place tonight. The four candidates are: Democratic Congressman Howard Berman, Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman, Republican Mark Reed, and Republican Susan Shelly. The deba...

On the red carpet with Stan Lee

Stan Lee (center) on the red carpet of the premier of his film

Matthew Ashman

April 26, 2012

Stan Lee is arguably one of the biggest names in the comic book universe. Millions of people have enjoyed fantastic adventures he helped bring to life, which are now on the big screen as huge summer blockbusters also watched by millions. "With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story" recently premiered...

CSUN’s continued plan to remain sustainability

Matthew Ashman

April 18, 2012

Each year, CSUN’s Physical Plant Management (PPM) continues to make the university a greener, more sustainable campus, and this year is no different as they’ve implemented five priorities for maximizing energy efficiency around campus. Currently, they are working on improving central plant and...

Despite budget cuts, CSUN summer school prices won’t rise

By Gabriel Ivan Orendain-Necochea

Matthew Ashman

April 9, 2012

Although the CSU system is undergoing budget cuts and tuition has been steadily increasing, CSUN isn’t going to be increasing student fees for its summer school session this year. Tseng College, which administers the self-support summer-school sessions at CSUN, is keeping summer school fees the same ($380 a unit), said Ca...

QPOCC comes to CSUN

Adelina Anthony, introduces herself by showing the audience a clip of a stand-up she did at the Queer People of Color Conference in the Northridge Center on Saturday, March 31. Photo credit: Mariela Molina / Photo Editor

Matthew Ashman

April 8, 2012

The Queer People of Color Conference (QPOCC) took place on CSUN campus beginning on the weekend of March 30 with a variety of speakers and workshops for everyone all over the world to see. QPOCC gives people the opportunity to understand the diversity of being a person of color in the queer community. They h...

Board of Directors approve raises in salary

Matthew Ashman

March 26, 2012

CSUN’s Board of Directors unanimously approved two separate motions to give salary raises for the facilities projects coordinator (formerly the facilities projects and services technician) and the administrative assistant to the executive director at CSUN. Along with the title change, the fac...

Students debate value of Wikipedia as reliable source

Matthew Ashman

March 26, 2012

Since its introduction in 2001, Wikipedia has grown to host more than 19 million articles with 82,000 contributors in more than 270 languages. Wikipedia has 400 million unique viewers each month as of March 2011, According to ComScore, an Internet marketing research company that provides marketing data to large Internet busine...

Team can now attend national championship: AS allocates funds after heated debate

The Associated Students approved to give $1,840 to the CSUN waterski and wakeboard team to attend a national championship. Photo Credit: Farah Yacoub / Daily Sundial

Matthew Ashman

March 20, 2012

After much debate, the Associated Students approved a motion to allocate $1,840 to the CSUN waterski and wakeboard team to attend the USA Waterski and Wakeboard Collegiate National Championship, at a meeting Tuesday in the Grand Salon. Before the A.S. Senate could approve this, they had to discuss if...

‘Mario Kart’ to high art: Games deserve respect

Matthew Ashman

March 19, 2012

Matthew Ashman How often have you caught yourself afraid of answering the question, "What do you do in your spare time?" If you are anything like me and play video games, I bet you are not readily able to admit that to a stranger in fear of being harshly judged. Perhaps more of us should admit to playing games though — video games are becoming more widel...

Occupy CSUN and Students for Quality Education to participate in National Day of Action to Defend Public Education

Photo Credit: Tessie Navarro / Multimedia Editor

Matthew Ashman

February 29, 2012

Thursday is National Day of Action to Defend Public Education, and CSUN’s Students for Quality Education (SQE) is working with Occupy Education California to rally in front of the Oviatt Library, hoping to inform students about issues that the CSU system and higher education face. SQE’s rally b...

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