Board of Directors approve raises in salary

Matthew Ashman

The USU Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve a staff reclassification and salary increase for the position of USU Staff Assistant, which will change to Administrative Assistant to Executive Director during the meeting at the Grand Salon on Monday. Photo creedit: Trisha Sprouse / Daily Sundial

CSUN’s Board of Directors unanimously approved two separate motions to give salary raises for the facilities projects coordinator (formerly the facilities projects and services technician) and the administrative assistant to the executive director at CSUN.

Along with the title change, the facilities projects coordinator would get an updated salary range from $27,300 – $43,321 to $34,128 – $45,146 annually.

The responsibility level for the position has gone up drastically in the last few years, said Jason Wang, associate executive director for the University Student Union.

“He has been a true asset for us,” Wang said. “He has clearly demonstrated his value, and his ability to maintain fiscal decisions.”

Wang continues to say that the position has changed to involve more complex job duties and that the salary increase would be retroactive to July 10, 2011.

The assistant to the executive director would get an updated salary range from $25,056 – $37,596 to $36,888 – $55,380 annually and also being retroactive to July 10, 2011.

This position is considered to be comparable to the CSU position of administrative support coordinator II.

With the opening of the Student Recreation Center, this position has taken on a lot more responsibilities, Wang said.

Each come with a fiscal impact of just over $10,000 annually due to reclassification and salary review recommendation, according to a pamphlet handed out by the USU.

The board also passed a motion to approve Jae Kwon as a new student member of the Audit Committee.

“He is an awesome candidate,” said Zachary Roof, vice chair of the board of directors. “He is a part of the AS finance, which gives him experience.”

Roof went on to say that Kwon is very inquisitive because Kwon kept seeking out Roof asking various questions in regard to this position.

The student committee member is required to have a familiarity with basic accounting principles, which Kwon is studying.