On the red carpet with Stan Lee


Stan Lee (center) on the red carpet of the premier of his film “With Great Power:The Stan Lee Story” Photo credit: Matthew Ashman / Daily Sundial

Matthew Ashman

Stan Lee is arguably one of the biggest names in the comic book universe. Millions of people have enjoyed fantastic adventures he helped bring to life, which are now on the big screen as huge summer blockbusters also watched by millions.

Stan Lee (center) on the red carpet of the premier of his film "With Great Power:The Stan Lee Story" Photo credit: Matthew Ashman / Daily Sundial

“With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story” recently premiered to an audience that just couldn’t wait to see how Lee became a ubiquitous figure in the comic book universe.

Everyone walking down the red carpet couldn’t say enough wonderful things about Lee and how he has helped influence them, including Doug Jones, best known for his various roles playing nonhuman characters in heavy makeup, such as Silver Surfer in “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.”

“He’s created characters in comic books that make all of us want to be better humans,” said Jones.  “Super heroes are like a template for how humans are supposed to behave.”

Jones went on to say how through the heroes Lee inspires everyone to just be like the heroes Lee has created.

Lee has accrued many fans over the years, and some of them were in attendance for this premiere, including Peter Shinkoda, star of the “Falling Skies” TV show, and many other films.

“I’m the biggest fan of Stan Lee,” Shinkoda said. “I’ve read every comic that he’s ever written, up until 1989.”

Even though “Spider-Man” is Shinkoda’s favorite comic book, he would love to star in the yet to-be-announced Wolverine origins sequel.

“With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story” includes many interviews with comic book creators, actors, film producers, family and friends.  The movie shows original transcripts, illustrations, photographs and stories of Lee’s amazing journey from early on in his career working at Timely Comics all the way to his current company POW! Entertainment.

When asked about the acquisition of Marvel by Disney, Lee seemed very optimistic about the deal.
“The acquisition of Marvel is the greatest thing that’s happened,” Lee said.  “They haven’t changed one bit, and Marvel has all the marketing expertise of Disney behind it.”
In reference to the premiere itself, he regarded it as, “Just another glamorous weekend.”