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Lana Del Rey moves ‘out of the black and into the blue’ in new album ‘Lust for Life’

Lana del Rey pictured in a bright tie-dye dress putting her cigarette in the mic-holder

Michael Herrera

July 31, 2017

Just like Lana Del Rey’s previous albums, “Lust for Life” is, on the surface, about the ups and downs of being in love, however, she offers listeners a glance into what seems to be a more hopeful and independent side of herself that was absent in “Born to Die,” “Paradise,” &#...

Bisexual discrimination leads to lack of visibility for the community

Illustration shows people standing in front of the bisexual pride flag which is pink, purple, and blue

Michael Herrera

April 11, 2017

Bisexuals are likely to experience more discrimination than other members of the LGBTQ community due to misconceptions and stereotypes, which leads to bisexual invisibility, also known as bi-erasure. A study conducted in 2015 by the University of Massachusetts surveyed 745 people who identify as bisexual and found that discrimination from heterosexua...

Professors devote class time to discuss election results

Trump shown giving speech

Michael Herrera

November 9, 2016

In the wake of the election, some professors took time away from their regular class lessons to discuss the results of Tuesday night's election. James Mitchell, professor of political science, spoke to his business and government students about the election and expressed his own thoughts about the...

Need 2 Read: Wednesday Book Column

Several novels are stacked on top one another

Michael Herrera

August 10, 2016

Title: Frankenstein Author: Mary Shelley Pages: 288 $4.45-$9.95 Mary Shelley's classic novel about a man playing God raises the question if monsters are born or if they are created by society. Dr. Frankenstein takes it upon himself to create his own monster as a science experiment, but is...

Music Mondays: Jazz

CSUN jazz band members play various instruments

Michael Herrera

August 1, 2016

Jazz has had a major influence on the music most people listen to today. The sounds can be heard through a wide variety of genres including pop, hip-hop, rap and especially rock 'n' roll, according to Jazz in America. The genre was also influential for African-Americans in the South as it provided them with an esc...

Need 2 Read: Wednesday book column

Books presented on shelf

Michael Herrera

July 27, 2016

Title: "The Namesake" Author: Jhumpa Lahiri Pages: 291 $9.18-$18.23 Lahiri beautifully crafts her novel "The Namesake" to document how an Indian woman, Ashima Ganguli, tries to keep her culture alive and well when she moves from India to the United States with her husband, Ashoke. Upon arriving...

Need 2 Read: Wednesday Book Column

Michael Herrera

July 13, 2016

Title: Mercy Author: Jodi Picoult Pages: 416 $7.99-$10.00 Picoult's novel questions the sanctity of marriage when a terminally ill wife asks her husband, Jaime, to kill her out of mercy. As a result of this event, Jaime's cousin, police chief Cameron McDonald, is now faced with the fact that...

Need 2 Read: Wednesday Book Column

Michael Herrera

July 6, 2016

Title: Still AliceAuthor: Lisa GenovaPages: 337$6.99-$18.08Genova's novel follows Harvard linguistics professor Alice Howland's battle with early onset Alzheimer's disease. As the novel progresses, Alice begins to lose the independence she once held so dear and this causes her to spiral into a depressio...

Need to read: Wednesday Book Column

Michael Herrera

June 28, 2016

Title: ValenciaAuthor: Michelle TeaGenre: Lesbian FictionPages: 250$9.87-$16.00Related reads: "The Price of Salt," "Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit"Michelle Tea's autobiographical novel follows one girl's search for love in San Francisco during the grunge-filled era of the 1990s. Tea introduces a variety ...

CSUN student dies in four-car collision

close-up of a cop car

Michael Herrera

June 28, 2016

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to a fatal four-car collision on Saturday night that led led to the death of a CSUN student in Woodland Hills authorities said on Monday. Mubarak Al Qashout, 20, was in the vehicle with two other men going faster than freeway speeds on Ventura Boulevard whi...

The Last Bookstore hosts ‘Harry Potter’ themed night

People crowd the Last Bookstore for Harry Potter night

Michael Herrera

June 26, 2016

The Last Bookstore in downtown Los Angeles hosted a free Harry Potter-themed event filled with live performances, an improv show and a costume contest. The night began with a live performance from the band Blackhaven, who sang original songs along with a cover of The Weird Sisters’ “Do The Hippogriff.”...

Jacob Whitesides headlines show at the Troubadour

Jacob Whitesides sings and plays guitar at concert

Michael Herrera

June 20, 2016

To the 18-year-old musician, performing in Los Angeles used to feel far-fetched, but since he stepped foot in the city three years ago, Jacob Whitesides said it has been the best place for him. Whitesides, coming from Sevierville Tenn., tries to incorporate elements of bluegrass into his music in...

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