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Defending policy, tradition and faith

Natanya Toomes November 26, 2014

When it comes to dictating how clubs and organizations should be led on CSU campuses, government agencies felt it was best to put an end to the InterVarsity Christian Club across all CSU campuses. In...

The production team aims to touch on a variety of subjects like womens equality, illegal immigration and human rights. They have developed an Indiegogo page in order to raise money for producing their film. 
Photo Courtesy of ¡Corre!

Student film ¡Corre! draws attention to sex trafficking

Natanya Toomes November 19, 2014

    She is unaware of the troubles that loom inside the dark walls of the brothel. Her body may be weak, but her determination is resilient.  Women continue to be tormented by fear...

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Students embrace fall fashion on campus

Natanya Toomes November 19, 2014

  contributing reporting by Georgia Simone Levy Beyonce once said, “I woke up like this,” a world-dominating phrase that not only took over the web, but also inspired many to show their...

Alexander Wang creates sporty-chic line for H&M collaboration

Alexander Wang creates sporty-chic line for H&M collaboration

Natanya Toomes November 4, 2014

contributing reporting by Georgia Simone Levy For quite some time now we have noticed this “sporty-chic” style trending globally, which isgreat news for students on campus who spend the majority...

Fall Fashion for 2014 has the plaid pattern popular along with leather or pho leather accessories like a pho leather backpack for students. Photo Credit: Trevor Stamp/ Senior Photographer

Fall fashion embraces the heat on CSUN campus

Natanya Toomes October 30, 2014

additional reporting by Georgia Simone Levy, contributor We already know that the heat is making statement here at CSUN, but is the style as hot as the heat? Fall fashion is here, we’re just...

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The rise of the white, male celebrity activist

Natanya Toomes October 22, 2014

Race and gender do not play a factor in what gets recognition in the media, said no one ever. If you are a white male, chances are what you have to say won’t go unheard. No matter your celebrity...

Illustration by: Ruby Kim / Contributor

Racist representations in the media needs to change

Natanya Toomes October 15, 2014

Black and white, two hues usually set to depict opposites. From films to one’s own reality, these shades alone hold the power of how we view each other in society. In many films and TV shows,...

Anti-Columbus Day event raises awareness of decolonization through comedy

Natanya Toomes October 13, 2014

Nationwide, on the second Monday of October, Columbus Day is celebrated. The day brings forth history lessons about Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the Americas. However, many feel that...

Career Center event informs students of choices after graduation

Natanya Toomes September 29, 2014

Students interested in learning about options after they graduate, such as graduate programs attended CSUN’s annual Graduate and Professional School Information Day. Nearly 80 different schools were...

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Apple vs. Samsung, the smartphone battle continues

Natanya Toomes September 10, 2014

The battle of the smart phones seems to be an endless feud between suppliers and consumers. As undergraduates it’s important that the right phone is chosen to suit everyday student life.  While...

Supporters, family of Armando Villa hand out water bottles to students

Natanya Toomes September 8, 2014

    Friends and supporters of Armando Villa gathered outside Sierra Tower today on the first day of Rush Week to pass out water bottles to students with the words, “Stop hazing”...

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