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Alexander Wang creates sporty-chic line for H&M collaboration

Alexander Wang creates sporty-chic line for H&M collaboration

contributing reporting by Georgia Simone Levy

For quite some time now we have noticed this “sporty-chic” style trending globally, which isgreat news for students on campus who spend the majority of their time trying to feel comfortable and stylish throughout the semester.

This fall, our fashion-forward students can expect to see the new Alexander Wang collection by H&M promoting athletic fashion wear.

H&M is known for its collaboration with high-end designers that presents affordable high fashion wear for the general public.

Wang’s new collection has been sported by celebrities such as Rihanna, Dakota Fanning and Tyson Beckford.

Announced earlier this year at the 2014 Coachella festival, the San Francisco-based designer stated that he was set to create a collection for H&M which was colossal.  If you’re into fashion or are a die hard “WANGster” as his fans call themselves.

When fashion meets active-wear, the casual trendsetters will have something to look forward to with this gym-inspired collection. Wang has brought a different style to the already trendy active sportswear look.

Now we are heading into fall fashion with many over sized looks that can be found in both his main fall collection and the H&M collaboration.

Crop tops and two piece outfits are a bold statement in the collaboration, with a continuing color story of greys, blacks and whites for those who prefer a more monotone or classic look in their wardrobe.

Who would have thought that sweating could be fashionable? When running late to that class on the other side of campus (not to mention in this valley heat), sweating is bound to happen.

This time, when wearing Wang’s t-shirt’s, the logo only unveils when the wearer’s sweat reacts with it.

Wang’s collection also includes athletic accessories such as yoga mats, aqua socks, boxing gloves and swim goggles.

While both columnists consider themselves “WANGsters,” their opinions differ on whether or not the collaboration will be successful.


Georgia says

I live for affordable fashion collaborations like this Alexander Wang collection at H&M.

Wang is an individualist. He continues to set himself apart from other designers and this collection proves it yet again.If anyone thought they were going to get the high-end Wang for H&M prices then you were setting your expectations too high.

While the public may have expected that classic runway Wang, instead he delivered something fiercely opposite which exemplifies that he’s a genius in any project he pursues.

I haven’t been an athlete in years, and surprisingly enough, Wang isn’t an athlete either, according to a recent interview with the New York Times.

“I work out sometimes, but I wouldn’t say I’m a hard-core person that goes to the gym four times a week,” Wang said. “It’s more just trying to stay healthy, be active, running around, doing some cardio.”

Wang also elaborated on the key qualities of his collection, pointing out the details of the fabrics which include water-repellent, quick-drying materials.

I just love that I get a chance to finally be able to afford Wang. It’s about finding pieces you love and being able to make it special to you even when it’s accessible to almost everyone.

When Thursday morning hits, I’ll be online ready to buy the Wang beanie, along with the over sized t-shirt dress. Actress Dakota Fanning was seen wearing the Wang t-shirt dress at his runway event which presented the entire collaboration.

Another statement piece I loved from the collection was the over sized Parka with down vest, which only retails for the affordable price of $299.

The jacquard knit racerback sports bra and matching sports tights made of breathable fabrics, as seen on Rihanna at New York Fashion Week earlier this fall, is a must have outfit.

But just because he put Rihanna in a certain outfit doesn’t mean you have to wear it the exact same way. Feel free to follow in Wang’s path and be an individual.

Natanya says

I personally think he could have done way better. When first hearing that Alexander Wang is going to collaborate with a retail store, you would think it would be high-fashion meets affordable.

I hoped to see scarves and long sleeves, high-waisted outfits, not just things you would wear to the gym. If you go to his site and view his main fall collection, you’ll see key items like over-knee boots, or to be more specific, the LYS heat sensitive pump.

Yeah, it’s Alexander Wang, but would you really just want to sweat in clothes you spent money on?

However, he could have substituted for more affordable materials instead of high-quality fabrics, all while giving those on a budget a true luxury-fashion flare, instead of just workout gear.

Style cannot be so simply achieved by throwing a brand name onto any types of clothing in hopes that people will love it.

If you’re going to do it, bring it. You’re Alexander Wang, it doesn’t get much better than that. Your clothes should be a reflection of the styles you’re known for. He is a brilliant designer and very influential, but I would have liked to see a lot more coming from him in this collaboration.

I feel that his collection will not be successful because everyone is going to be wearing the same thing. To me, that’s not okay. I don’t like wearing what other people are wearing. It takes away from your own personal style.

Opinions aside

This Alexander Wang collection proves that the new way to dress up is to dress down.

We’ve got our eyes on you Matadors. We challenge you to bring your best looks on campus. No matter what that look is, step outside of the box and do your own thing.

Our mission is to not only give but to get feedback from students here at CSUN on fashion and how it influences your life on and off campus.

That’s the beauty of fashion, being able to find the good the bad and when it comes to the ugly.

Stay tuned for more from N&G.
Alexander Wang’s sport-inspired collection unveils at H&M this Thursday, Nov. 6, starting at 10 a.m. EST at select locations and online stores.

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