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Students embrace fall fashion on campus

Photo Credit: Araceli Castillo/Photo Editor


contributing reporting by Georgia Simone Levy

Beyonce once said, “I woke up like this,” a world-dominating phrase that not only took over the web, but also inspired many to show their fashion as they just woke up.

For many students, waking up early for school is already a hassle, especially as we get closer to finals. While your coffee mugs might be low as we approach the end of the semester, let fall fashion be your high.

For those who wish to learn how to grace the campus with some personal style, check out these few students who exemplify what it means to be fashion forward.

Confidence is one thing that clearly stood out among these top-notch fashionable students, and senior marketing major, Griffin Nichols, showed no hesitation when it came to fashion.

“I try to take a style that I like and mix it up,” Nichols said. “I’ve been really into vintage and plain wear.”

Vintage clothing allows you to paint your own fashionable picture, yet some may be too intimidated to take that risk, steering them away from vintage shopping.

When looking to incorporate new styles into his wardrobe, Nichols said being fashionable comes naturally for him.

While most students may not think about what to wear if they’ve got to get an early start on their day, Nichols makes tasks like studying, fashionable.

During his study session in the library, Griffin embodied a sleek and clean style, while pulling off a very popular all-black look. Its this type of simplicity that is still able to turn heads.

Effortlessly chic and stylish, these students know how to bring it when it comes to looking their best even when they are not trying.

“I wear what I want when I wake up, then walk to campus,” Nichols said.

Earlier this semester, we came across freshman fashion design and merchandising major Mei Hamada at Big Show, and her style stood out immediately. Hamada has a very fun and personalized way of styling herself.

She wears one of a kind pieces and adds unique accessories to incorporate her individual style.

“I get inspired from Instagram photos, 60s 80s movies, travel, music/music videos and art galleries! Even shopping gives me some ideas,” Hamada said.

No matter how many hours she spends on campus, Hamada still finds a way to learn more about fashion. For Hamada, social media is thrilling and allows her to share her own view on fashion, while seeing how others express their creativity.

“I’ve been stalking a few Instagrammers daily, like @ellyWong @poolsidefam and tattoo artist @seanfromtexas, those are my favorites,” Hamada said.

For Hamada, signature looks mean more than just a fashion statement. Taking her style to a whole new level, she explained how she started to incorporate new prints into her wardrobe.

“[I incorporate] a Japanese pattern called Wagara and Chinese style,” Hamada said. “Since I’m Asian I have a strong interest in Asian fashion culture. I think traditional patterns and structures are really fashionable.”

When it comes to experimenting, these students aren’t afraid to bring their personal styles, which is evident through their outfit choice.

Its hard not to take a second look at the junior apparel merchandising/journalism major, Gerardo Rodriguez. Spotted from a distance, his eye-catching outfit draws you into his world of style, which is something that cannot be achieved or duplicated by the common spectator.

From menswear magazines to well-known designer looks, fashion influences are a big part of Rodriguez’s life.

“I always incorporate it [fashion] even when it’s not the occasion at all,” Rodriguez said. “Much like today, I’m wearing this over-sized white coat just because it’s a ‘little cold’ but if not now, when?”

The all white, calf-length, wool-like trench coat with accented zippers along the sides was paired with a black shirt, cuffed high-waist jeans ripped at the knee, all white converse and a black leather tote.

Rodriguez’s style shows his confidence and his eye for exceptional taste in just one look.

“I like to play with proportions and color,” Rodriguez said. “I’m currently doing halter tops and skinny, skinny silk scarfs like Prada menswear fall 2014. I really want to do a sailor bandana for my neck accessory or a headband because I think those look really edgy, but so easy to wear and I don’t have to do my hair.”

Bringing a bit of edge and personality to style is crucial when wanting to make a statement through the expression of an outfit.

Fashion is an art and how you intertwine colors and patterns are essential to making your masterpiece come to life. We applaud you CSUN. We look forward to uncovering many more fashion elites on campus this year.

As American model/ actress Lauren Hutton once said, “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”



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