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Vocal Artillery: Your words, your weapon

Jamar Morris, 22, an English major was the MC at the Vocal Artillery open mic event in Santa Susana Hall on Thursday.

Priscilla Diaz

December 9, 2015

Vocal Artillery, an independent community group embrace the voice of CSUN’s marginalized communities by creating a safe space for expression. The group formed by CSUN students and alumni was created with the basis of providing a space “to serve politically oppressed communities by giving them...

Cornel West discusses race, policies in Southeast San Diego

Brandon Duncan a.k.a Tiny Doo, Dr. Cornel West, and Aaron Harvey opened up the floor for questions regarding their experiences as well as questions about organizing and activism. Photo credit: Priscilla Diaz

Priscilla Diaz

December 7, 2015

In order to combat policies affecting the Black and Latino population, renowned activist and academic Cornel West visited Lincoln High school on Dec. 4 in Southeast San Diego with hundreds of community members and Southern California scholars to engage in discussion about Penal Code 182.5.Earlier this year, ...

Why can’t CSUN graduate its African-American male students

Wesley Williams, 22, is the Black Male Initiative president, a student organization that focuses on the achievement and empowerment of black males through mentorship, guidance and updates on available resources. Photo credit: Priscilla Diaz

Priscilla Diaz

October 27, 2015

During a time when the lives of young Black men are at the top of every discussion, CSUN seem to not want to participate in the conversation as Black male students showed less than a two percent increase in graduation rates in the last recorded decade. In records provided by CSUN’s Office of Institutional...

Inexpensive Halloween costume stores

Some costumes that are displayed in the Costume House.

Priscilla Diaz

October 11, 2015

Halloween is fast approaching, and there's no time to waste getting your costume ready. This is a time to express your creativity and, with so many costume-enforced events, there's no time to waste to look your best. Instead of opting for the general costume and party stores, consider checking out local...

Cooling Off “Under the Sea” at this years Family Fun Zone

Little Damien, 2, and his parents, Caelan McElligott, 22 year old credential student, and Miguel Cuevas, 23. Photo credit: Priscilla Diaz

Priscilla Diaz

September 26, 2015

With faces painted, soapy hands, and a personally customized treasure chest, tiny matadors and their parents took part at the University Student Union’s Family Fun Zone at CSUN on Friday evening. The annual event is located at the OST Lawn next to the USU, “It’s something the USU offers and...

CSUN’s pond gets a renovation

CSUN's pond holds a capacity to hold about 40-50 turtles. About 400-500 red slider turtles live in CSUN's pond according to biology students.

Priscilla Diaz

September 22, 2015

An invasion of CSUN's pond by ducks and turtles, prompted Physical Plant Management to begin efforts to clean up and accommodate the newly evolved ecosystem of the famous campus duck pond. A decade ago, an architectural expansion brought us Chaparral Hall and also relocated the once-gated pond to...

METALab: Innovation through art and technology

Members of METALab have a free discussion during one of their meetings. The new visual lab has moved towards promoting off-campus, interdisciplinary work opportunities for students. Photo credit: Giovanni Garcia

Priscilla Diaz

September 5, 2015

In its decision to unify the school’s image, CSUN solicited help from students and staff in the Computer Science and Art departments to convert the old website’s platform into a new one. At the beginning of November 2014 the university, the CSUN Center for Visual Communication [VISCOM] and Pione...

Matador Nights is back with a space theme

File Photo/ The Sundial

Priscilla Diaz

September 2, 2015

Matador Nights returns this year with the promise of intergalactic fun. The biannual event started in 2006 to celebrate the establishment of the University Student Union. The first Matador Nights took place in the newly renovated USU and marked a commitment to not only increase the amount of programming...

Start of the semester clubs for students

File Photo / The Sundial

Priscilla Diaz

August 26, 2015

MataFest The University Student Union (USU) kicks off the semester at its annual MataFest with free food, live entertainment and prizes. Available twice during the day, check out the MataFest to learn more about events, programs and opportunities available to CSUN students. Students can also learn m...

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