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Vocal Artillery: Your words, your weapon

Open Mic has always had political roots, Vocal Artillery offers students a place to express themselves and engage in discussion about marginalized communities and the topics that affect them.

Cornel West discusses race, policies in Southeast San Diego

West discussed the criminalization of Black and Brown communities

Why can’t CSUN graduate its African-American male students

Even though African American males make up only five percent of the CSUN population their graduation rate has only increased by less than two percent in the last recorded decade.
Some costumes that are displayed in the Costume House.

Inexpensive Halloween costume stores

Check out costume shops in the valley for ideas and a potential Halloween outfit

Cooling Off “Under the Sea” at this years Family Fun Zone

The University Student Union sets up an annual event targeted towards CSUN families that offer them a variety of free activities and food while enjoying a nice evening on campus.

CSUN’s pond gets a renovation

The invasion of CSUN's pond by turtles and ducks has resulted in mechanical failure, and Physical Plant Management is launching an initiative to clean up and renovate CSUN's pond.

METALab: Innovation through art and technology

CSUN's newest organization prepares its students with real world exposure and necessary job experience.
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