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Man pictured in tears

Police brutality given a new perspective in CTVA film ‘Vestige’

The department of Cinema and Television Arts team of four take their film-making skills to the Academy and other film festivals with senior thesis project.

Red meat scare sizzles on social media

MarketWatch tweeted "red meat causes cancer – unless you eat it like this," in one teaser of several Twitter posts

Construction creates inconvenience for students

Construction blocks on Etiwanda northbound are causing traffic and inconveniencing students.

On the drawing board of being an animation student: Adriana Lee...

Adriana Lee Park tells her story of being a part of CSUN's school of animation, ranked number 15 in the nation.

CSUN expectations versus reality of a college senior year

CSUN students express their thoughts on what their expectations for the college experience at CSUN is like versus the reality of it all and their thoughts on a college senior year.

Infographic: CSUN Admission

CSUN's Admission and Records give insight on female and male statistics of admission to the school.

Free fun in L.A.

With two months left of summer, here are 10 free things to do before school starts up again this fall.

Netflix: July arrivals

Netflix restocks for the month of July with around 50 movies and shows.

‘Shark Week’: Analyzing shark attacks from the West Coast to the...

The "jawsome" week-long showing of "Shark Week" Starts on July 5.

July Movie Fest: Big decor with charity

On July 2, the Summer Movie Fest will kickoff with "Remember the Titans" while continuing to raise money for charity.

Netflix: Films and shows headed on a permanent summer vacation

The top five films to watch and the top five films to avoid before Netflix removes them for good on Wednesday, July 1.

CSUN student fees beyond tuition

Here's a break down of the six additional school fees that every CSUN student pays with their semester tuition.
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