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‘Married Life’ focuses on clich’eacute;s, more strife than joy

Sean Campe March 11, 2008

Let's be frank for a moment: I'm not married, engaged nor in the process of settling down. I'm dating, but in turn still searching and wondering whom the mystery guest will be that I'll spend my years...

A senior’s discount: Growing up

Sean Campe March 11, 2008

I'm a huge procrastinator. I put off yawning sometimes, only 'cause I know it'll put me to sleep. My sink has dishes in it that haven't been washed since October. Homework and essays mean "later" or "the...

A senior’s discount: Water to wine

Sean Campe March 4, 2008

Wine, beer or liquor, the social lubricant of life, lets us let go of the short parts that tether us to a tangled weave of "self." We walk around sober from day to day, worried or sometimes without care,...

Unplugged: Tossing the tube

Sean Campe February 27, 2008

Hi, my name is Sean and I'm a recovering Television addict. I've been doing pretty well, but you know every now and then I'll be at friend's house, or with my parents and I'll give in to an hour or two....

A senior’s discount: Missing dorks

Sean Campe February 26, 2008

Writing this, right now, as your eyes glide over and absorb my words: I'm drunk. Hammered, trashed, s**t faced, squashed, blitzed, tied on, tossed, and just down right bloody bashed. And I'm listening...

A senior’s discount: Elevator etiquette

Sean Campe February 19, 2008

With the new semester freshness fading in the air, I find that patience has become my "bff" for these first few weeks. With all the lines curving a mile or so for food, books, parking permits and even...

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