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A.S. Senate mindful of purse pinch

Tynesha Daniels

February 28, 2007

With a limited budget, student representatives struggled to provide support to clubs and organizations at the Associated Students Senate meeting yesterday. Director of Finance Adam Haverstock reported the Unallocated Reserves Account balance was $42,570 and the Academically Related Reserves Account b...

Black Panther Party leader speaks to students


February 28, 2007

Bobby Seale, who helped create the Black Panther Party in 1966, spoke during a Pan African Studies class on Wednesday morning. Students in PAS 350-Advanced Writing were given the opportunity to ask questions of Seale. Excited students waited in the Sierra Hall hallway before the lecture. One student saw ...

Speak Your Mind series kicks off its spring semester

Alondra Hernandez

February 28, 2007

Behind the debate on immigration lies the threat felt by Americans of having strangers within the essence of what is supposed to be the U.S. identity said Pulitzer Prize winning journalist H?ctor Tobar during a panel discussion on immigration, on Tuesday. Small rural towns dominated by Americans are suppo...

Stomach-turning documentary lacks cohesiveness

Darya Riyahi

February 27, 2007

Our Daily Bread" is hard to swallow. Like a bad dream after an all-nighter at a Las Vegas buffet, "Our Daily Bread," a documentary film by Austrian director Nikolaus Geyrhalter, sticks vengefully to the intestines. In the film, more accurately described as a brainstorm, Geyrhalter takes the viewer on a ...

Anteaters take control, beat CSUN in four games

Ivan Yeo

February 27, 2007

Playing against the second-ranked team in the nation on the road without one of its main weapons, senior opposite Dan Rhodes, turned out to be a very tough task for the tenth-ranked CSUN Matador men's volleyball team. The Anteaters were in control of all but one game of their Mountain-Pacific Sports Fe...

Memorial honors CSUN engineering professor

Catherine Sheehy

February 27, 2007

His wife of 64 years, Jo, and more than 100 guests, including friends, family and faculty from CSUN's College of Engineering and Computer Science, celebrated the life and legacy of former CSUN professor and engineering pioneer John J. Guarrera on Friday at Jacaranda Hall's Johnson Auditorium. Guarrera died Dec....

Retrospective comics exhibit at campus library

Rafael Cornejo

February 27, 2007

Beside the annals of august periodicals of The New York Times, The Atlantic and The New Yorker, "Popeye" lay preserved in a glass case, telling its first draft of history. On the second floor west wing of the Oviatt Library, a comic book exhibit composed of works from every genre and decade spanning ...

Improved rain drainage needed in streets

Katrina Mossberger

February 27, 2007

In Southern California, rain isn't exactly a common occurrence. Sunshine abounds and the weather is pretty stable. However, when it does rain, the lack of proper drainage always leaves drivers around CSUN tepidly driving through overflowing puddles, the lowered cars afraid they might stall out their en...

Ensemble brings forth great black composers

Saharra White

February 27, 2007

There was another sound in the air last Thursday besides the sound of pattered rain. Students walking past the Northridge Center located, in the University Student Union that afternoon could also hear the sound of the CSUN Wind Symphony being conducted by Lawrence Stoffel. The Black History Month ev...

‘Star Wars’ exhibition links art with science

John Manalang

February 27, 2007

While Jedi mind-tricks are beyond the possibilities of technology, the California Science Center's "Stars Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination" exhibit proves evidence of technological fantasy into reality, opening new possibilities for today's transportation, robotics and medical practices. The traveling...

Asbestos removal in buildings should be priority


February 27, 2007

I may be going out on a limb here, but getting cancer-causing materials out of our buildings seems like it should be a pretty big priority. I would think that we would put the safety of our students, faculty, staff and administrators above pretty much any other concern. Apparently, we're okay with ju...

Latest Matador Nights event brings in more donations

Kriti Sood

February 27, 2007

More than 1,000 people endured chilly winds at the University Student Union on Friday night to sing karaoke, munch on free food, watch masquerade balls and have their palms read as part of the fourth-ever Matador Nights event. The event was open to CSUN students from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. with loads of ...

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