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CSUN beats UNLV 5-1 Tuesday


March 31, 2009

This is David Denenberg reporting live from Matador Field as the UNLV Rebels visit CSUN. 5:34 The game has gone final as Jolicoeur recorded his second save of the season and the Matadors go on to win 5-1.  Live coverage will be offered for tomorrow's game starting in approximately the sixth inning. 5:31 Jolicoeur...

Why March Madness is better than the NBA Playoffs

Daniel Williams

March 30, 2009

One of the most exciting games the Northridge community ever watched was between its underdog Matadors and basketball powerhouse Memphis in the first round of the NCAA Tournament two weeks ago. Even though the Matadors lost, they played inspiringly and students of the commuting state institution were fi...

Another election brings a new round of issues

Eileen Mansoorian

March 30, 2009

Another Associated Students election has come, but not completely left us yet. Similar to past semesters, last week's A.S. election has left more for us to think about in addition to why we should vote in the first place. This semester's election has resulted in a glaring mistake, unethical campaign pract...

Accusations fly after first round of elections

Ashley Gordon

March 30, 2009

' The Associated Students Elections Committee approved bans on e-mail distribution via university resources and the Students for Change slate's campaign stickers Monday during a formal complaint meeting. The committee also found that an error in voter guides placed at polling stations during the g...

Looking for justice a year later

Laura Stace

March 30, 2009

A year has passed since CSUN senior Clifton Hibbert Jr. was fatally shot in downtown Los Angeles. As Hibbert and his friend Kenneth Patterson walked down the 4000 block of S. Figueroa St., they were shot from behind. To date the murders remain unsolved. To mark the anniversary, family and friends c...

No time to Wave goodbye

Victor Corona

March 30, 2009

After splitting a pair of matches last weekend in the Bay area, the No. 3 Matadors men's volleyball team return home Wednesday night to face No. 2 Pepperdine. A win against the Waves will keep CSUN's conference title hopes alive. 'We got to hope for some teams to beat other teams (Pepperdine and UC Ir...

Live Updates: Game 3 of Matadors vs. Gauchos Men’s baseball

Alonso Tacanga

March 29, 2009

This is David Denenberg reporting live at Matador Field. 3:31 The game has gone final as Todd Eskelin scored on a wild throw to third to give the Matadors a 3-2 win and also give the Matadors the series against UCSB.   CSUN is now 2-1 in Big West Conference play and 11-14 overall.  Live coverage of...

A.S. elections go to run-offs

Adolfo Flores

March 29, 2009

The white tents will once again be pitched up along with the street team workers trying to get students to walk underneath them and exercise their right to vote for their Associated Students president in the run-off elections. After last weeks elections Students for Change received 1,223 votes with the ...

Pedestrian deaths lead to increase in traffic law enforcement

Sahil Shah

March 29, 2009

The CSUN Department of Police Services has always enforced traffic laws around campus, citing students for speeding, rolling through stop signs or not following directions at a yield sign. However in 2009 the San Fernando Valley has already seen 10 deaths regarding pedestrians and automobile drivers n...

Violence in Mexico may deter Spring Breakers

Felicia Serrano

March 29, 2009

As spring break approaches CSUN students are getting ready for a week of fun in the sun. With some heading south of the border, the state department has been busy releasing a new advisory of precautions students should consider before traveling to a foreign country. Last month, the state department released ...

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