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App of the day: Map My Run

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Laine Wherritt

October 27, 2015

With the LA Marathon coming up this Valentines day, Sunday Feb. 14th, a good app to help kick off training would be the “Map My Run” app. Map My Run is available on both iOS and Android systems and received a solid five-star rating in Apple’s App Store. The application allows runners a...

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Michelle Moran

October 9, 2015

Going to school Monday through Friday can make a dent in your wallet and grocery lists are difficult to generate without looking in your kitchen. Luckily, there's an app out there that can help you find recipes and make grocery lists for you right away. is an app available for iPhone and...

Yik Yuck: A look into the anonymous app

Yik Yak allows college students to anonymously post messages about their anxieties, complaints and general observations. (Photo courtesy iTunes App Store/TNS)

James Fike

March 4, 2015

Freedom is something that is very important to Americans. Along with the right to bear arms, freedom of speech is what makes this country great, but is there such a thing as too much freedom? Freedom is something that is often misunderstood and often abused. Yik Yak is a great example of this abuse....

Hula app lets you stay safe when it comes to STDs

Hula app lets you stay safe when it comes to STDs

Jonathan Nelson

March 27, 2014

Ramin Bastani had no idea his life would change forever when he was slapped in the face by a date in 2010. “I was shocked. It all happened in a few seconds,” said Bastani. He got hit not because of inappropriate behavior, but because he was curious about whether or not the woman had been tested for sexually transmitted infections recently. Fastforward t...

Apps you didn’t know you needed: know when to run and pee

Apps you didn't know you needed: know when to run and pee

Alex Vejar

September 22, 2013

In a movie theater, it is expected to ignore a phone call while the film is playing. But when nature dials your body's number, that's a call that may not be possible to leave unanswered. The problem is a trip to the bathroom could mean missing key plot points, resulting in the tricky decision of ...

Mobile application to help students find open parking spaces

Mobile application to help students find open parking spaces

Michelle Reuter

April 23, 2013

Students will soon have a tool to help them find parking spaces at CSUN. A new mobile application has been developed that will help students as they search for a parking structure before they even get to campus. Graduate student Max Aram has been working with groups all over campus since 2011 to develo...

New iPhone App Helps You Compare the World’s Top Universities

Rima Bek

October 9, 2010

World University Rankings is a new iPhone application which allows users to compare and contrast the top 400 universities in the world and access the full ranking of top 200 in the world. What make this app legitimate is how users can manipulate the data to suit their needs and priorities. For...

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