Fun apps for your iPad

Fun apps for your iPad

Jake Fredericks

This semester, the myCSUNtablet Initiative was unveiled to students and faculty within various academic concentrations. CSUN’s long-term goal is the ‘widening deployment of portable devices and cloud technology for teaching and learning.’ With hundreds of students currently equipped with tablet devices– more exclusively Apple iPads– the bar has been raised for academics and entertainment. Here are a few iPad apps that will help you get through those boring classes, and some to recoup much-needed course points for said snoozers.


The Walking Dead


Fans of the show will be slightly underwhelmed by “The Walking Dead” app for iPad. Yes, it is free, but therein lies the problem. The majority of the storyline consists of character development, and users will find that the gameplay offers little in the way of difficulty. Action commands are literally point and touch, and the only way to die is to find an unfortunate limb being sampled by a predatory zombie. Instead of playing as the series’ protagonist, Rick, the game takes you on a journey through a completely different set of eyes. As Lee, you find yourself on the run from zombies and people alike, searching for shelter, weapons, ammunition and food. Additional downloadable content packs can be purchased through the App Store for $19.99, which includes Episodes 2-5, and a Special Episode map pack “400 Days.”

Walking Dead App





Recurrent Apple users should have little trouble adjusting to the Prezi app for iPad. Similar to the laptop-platform presentation application, Powerpoint, Prezi boasts an impressive array of templates and designs. Navigation is a bit more intricate, as users have the ability to incorporate more interactive visual enhancements and cues. Your finished work can be exported as an email or copied with a URL code to share with others. Use Prezi for your next group presentation, or at work to impress your boss!

Prezi app




If you haven’t seen Chipotle’s new ad campaign for sustainability, it’s time you had. “The Scarecrow” commercial became an overnight hit, and has accrued over 7 million likes on YouTube since its late September introduction. Besides being impressive eye candy, “The Scarecrow” campaign was subsequently turned into an Apple-friendly entertainment app. As the purveyor of Scarecrow Farms, it is your job to bring fresh produce and sustainable consumer practices to the City of Plenty. Carefully navigate your way through radiation-filled food plants, rescue farm animals and prevent mechanical crows from spoiling your GMO-free fields. Although the gameplay may seem juvenile to some, its overall message is enough to keep you interested in its quirky delivery.




When life’s curveballs has your brain feeling like a warm bowl of Jell-O, turn to the “Lumosity” app for some cerebral invigoration. Employing a unique set of brain training and strengthening “games,” “Lumosity” offers helpful exercises to help you retain information and promote hand-eye coordination. Recall patterns of objects in Memory Matrix, do math on the fly in Raindrops and test your spatial awareness in Speed Pack. You are given 3-5 activities per day to complete each week, and games can be customized to suit aspects of memory you choose to improve.


Apps Gone Free 


Apps Gone Free is the The Holy Grail of iPad apps. Instead of endlessly navigating the App Store for the latest in free games and apps, Apps Gone Free forwards you 7 top picks each day to download. Apps are slashed from prices ranging from $.99 to upwards of $5.99, and once you’ve downloaded them onto your Apple device, there’s no obligation to pay for concurrent updates or data. Just remember the app holds true to the “here today, gone tomorrow” mantra, as each days’ apps are only available on the day they were posted.