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student using chemistry equipment

University catalog offers unique courses

Classes such as Backpacking or Aesthetics can add color to required schedules.

Turning technology into a disadvantage

Since we live in a society dominated by technology, one would think that professors would be much more lenient in allowing students to take...

Open University offers aspiring students a chance to learn

Wishful students who want to continue their education but are not enrolled in a CSUN program are in luck: California State University, Northridge offers...

You snooze you lose

The idea that an alarm clock could be your best friend sounds far-fetched. The everyday battle where students send off their guardian called snooze...

A Day in the Life: CSUN freshman’s first day of college

Pablo De la Cruz, freshman, starts his first day of college with optimism and excitement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DV9ISET8LTc

Funding gives students more class options next semester

Thousands of students will be closer to graduation after the spring semester with the addition of more than 300 sections of classes. With the...
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