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University catalog offers unique courses

student using chemistry equipment

Gina Park

September 12, 2018

With 138 majors, 84 minors and over 500 general education classes available on the university catalog, students may not always discover unique classes in time. This includes classes that explore corners of culture, politics, science, morals and even Los Angeles itself. Read on to be in the know of what ...

Turning technology into a disadvantage

Illustration by Julienne Shih / Illustrator

Michael Herrera

September 10, 2015

Since we live in a society dominated by technology, one would think that professors would be much more lenient in allowing students to take notes on devices such as laptops and iPads in class. Not so fast... Many professors still have strict policies on the use of electronic devices in class. The...

Open University offers aspiring students a chance to learn

Daniel Dell-Cornejo

February 3, 2015

Wishful students who want to continue their education but are not enrolled in a CSUN program are in luck: California State University, Northridge offers a way to do just that. Open University is a California State University-wide program that has been administered locally at CSUN by Tseng College for ove...

You snooze you lose

Illustration by Kristine Delicana/ Illustration Editor

Moises Ajanel

August 27, 2014

The idea that an alarm clock could be your best friend sounds far-fetched. The everyday battle where students send off their guardian called snooze to fight off the enemy known as early mornings never seems to end. Everyone is different, there are those that prefer to hit snooze several times and ...

A Day in the Life: CSUN freshman’s first day of college

A Day in the Life: CSUN freshman's first day of college

Bianca Santillan

August 27, 2013

Pablo De la Cruz, freshman, starts his first day of college with optimism and excitement.

Funding gives students more class options next semester

Reanna Delgadillo

December 9, 2010

Thousands of students will be closer to graduation after the spring semester with the addition of more than 300 sections of classes. With the increase of sections of classes, 1,000 more seats will be available for CSUN students to occupy and finish their college career sooner. Dr. Cynthia Rawitch, associate...

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