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University catalog offers unique courses

Kelle Johnson, who’s Masters is in Bio Chem, using bacteria protein to reduce sulfur pollution in Chem 495A-C. Photo credit: Roberto Cisneros

With 138 majors, 84 minors and over 500 general education classes available on the university catalog, students may not always discover unique classes in time. This includes classes that explore corners of culture, politics, science, morals and even Los Angeles itself. Read on to be in the know of what else CSUN offers for its Matadors.

1. HIST 374 – Hollywood and History
This course examines the political, social and cultural values of an era associated with each film’s specific context. Students connect with and challenge history through the distinct themes the films provide, offering a new perspective for both subjects.

2. ENGL 313 – Studies in Popular Culture
Out of a survey taken by 25 students, this class received the most votes to be recommended to enroll in. The course interprets popular culture — including films and social media — through the lens of psychoanalytic and scholarly ideas such as Marxism. It is also available as an elective for all majors and minors.

3. FCS 320 – Family Resource Management
Individual and family management are the core foci of this course, as it equips students to make practical choices regarding goal-making, the allocation of resources, stress management and communication.

4. HIST 380 – LA: Past, Present, Future
A general education class purely devoted to Los Angeles, studies include a multidisciplinary focus on the diversity of the city. Foci includes population studies, cultural, social, economic research, modern issues, diversity and even field trips.

5. PHIL 380 – Aesthetics
Through examining issues in art, censorship, beauty and more, the idea of aesthetics is studied through the lens of art and philosophy. This course may be useful for those interested in the psychology and imagery behind design.

6. HSCI 345 – Public Health Issues In this class, issues such as chronic diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, mental and ethnic health, drug abuse, nutrition and more are explored with concepts such as economics, politics, history, etc. Basically, modern health issues are studied in order to see how they affect and change society.

7. RTM 151A – Backpacking
Lastly, this class brings a classic introduction to backpacking, through safety tips, equipment use and required field trips to put practice into action.

Overall, students voiced a desire to see more classes that focus on inclusivity, practicality and creativity; according to graduate student Marisela Gomez, “Creativity invites greater diversity of ideas.” They further vouched for an improved introduction of classes available outside of one’s major and have the choice to diversify their personal college experience.

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