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CSUN alumna held solo art show last week

Virtualy walk through art history inside CSUN Art Galleries with Ada Saei, whose exhibition combines traditional art and satire
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Pride Center hosts annual Generation Pride

The annual Generation Pride begins on Thursday
retro photo of two people siting in the floor with keyboards

Future Holotape: A dive into their music

Future Holotape is a synthwave/cyberpunk band that is channeling music from the past with the addition of a futuristic vibe. One of the members is a CSUN student.
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Weekly Picks 3/14 – 3/23

Weekly Picks 3/14 - 3/23
cooked noodles on a plate with tomatoes next to it

MataMeals: Beef Stroganoff

A creamy dish complete with mushrooms and pasta
Several students pictured playing marimbas

CSUN World Music Ensemble brings traditional African dance to campus

The CSUN World Music Ensemble performed various Japanese Taiko and African music ensembles this past weekend.

Attitudes toward suicide, depression treatment varies widely across culture

  It can be a religious practice, an honorable act or a mortal sin. Suicide is viewed very differently across religions and societies throughout history, whether...

Hazing is not just a college problem, it’s a cultural problem...

Hazing has become a word all too familiar with humiliation and binge drinking. This is largely due to the negative attention fraternities and sororities...

American Indian ceremony brings culture to CSUN

Two days after the Thanksgiving Holiday, the American Indian Student Association held its 30th Annual Powwow to celebrate cultural heritage. There are over 200,000...

Ballet Folklorico Aztlan de CSUN promotes community and culture

Ballet Folklorico Aztlan de CSUN has been a part of the campus community since 1970. They perform traditional Mexican dances, or ballet folklorico, from...

Carnaval celebrates diversity on campus with performances and food

CSUN’s 16th annual Carnaval, a celebration of diversity, drew students of all backgrounds with the lure of free food and fun activities to the...

Students celebrate culture with dance at Pilipino Cultural Night

As darkness looms over Matador Square on April 1, performers fill the scene, wearing hoodies and sweats. The sound of rhythmic drumming complete the...
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