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When weight loss tips cross into offensive areas

When weight loss tips cross into offensive areas

Aiyi Kang

February 23, 2015

When Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania apologized for sending emails to invite students to join a weight loss program, it was little too late. The program was trying to make their students avoid potential health risks and has been offered successfully in the past, and it included nutritional advice,...

Food for thought: Get better acquainted with As and Bs, forget the Cs

Water, blueberries, garlic, spinach and some dark chocolate can help you stay focused and energized throughout your study sessions. Photo by Jake Fredericks, chef-in-residence

Jake Fredericks

March 24, 2014

Put down the energy drinks, step away from the potato chips and wean yourself off triple-shot caramel lattes from the local coffee shop. By swapping over-processed, over-caffeinated products for natural alternatives, your health, and your grades, stand to improve. Although it can be difficult to eat well between all the midterm assignments and test...

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