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Sundial Radio Hour, Sept. 28

Dark narrow streaks called recurring slope lineae emanate out of the walls of Garni crater on Mars. Photograph: Nasa/AFP/Getty Images

Daniel Shin

September 28, 2015

The Sundial Radio Hour - news summaries for the day, today. Here are the headlines for September 28, 2015: - President Obama and Vladimir Putin hold first meeting in two years at UN. - NASA discovers traces of flowing salt water. - Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel says franchise will finish with...

Facebook users do not like oversharing, studies show

A.J. Circhirillo

February 18, 2014

Marissa Guerrero, junior communicative disorders for speech language pathology major, rarely updates her Facebook activity. She deactivated her account for nearly a year before she resurrected it to stay connected with her sorority sisters. “I don’t like sharing my personal information. I’d...

College of business and economics has annual Professor for a Day event

Jonathan Bue

September 28, 2012

>>CORRECTION: Larry Twersky is a member of the executive board for the College of a business and economics<< The College of business and economics hosted its fourth annual Professor for a Day event Sept. 19 and 20. This year’s two-day event is the largest in its history, having evolved...

LGBT is an American issue

Benjamin Andrews

September 23, 2012

                              I wish I could live in a world where no one cares about my sexual orientation. There are a lot of things in life I would have gladly avoided without having to cope with the social stressors of homophobia and hate. I wish I’d never been called a fag or a faggot. I wish ...

Facebook newest venue to find coupons for students

Raewyn Smith

March 7, 2012

It is apparent to most Facebook users that gone are the days of Mark Zuckerburg's insistence that Facebook remain ad-free. In fact, Facebook is now a highly useful platform for businesses and companies to generate new customers and even offer coupons and discounts. With the “Like” button, fans can...

Dancing in the Dark to kick off year for USU

Kimberly Anderson

September 21, 2011

Dancing in the Dark is the first in a series of dances and other fun events being brought to CSUN students by the University Student Union (USU) this school year. “This is an event to have students come and have a good time while two of the hottest DJ’s are mixing,” said Khushboo Ganwani, marketing...

Social networking sites creates high for users

Photo Illustration by: Tessie Navarro / Visual Editor & Mariela Molina / Asst. Visual Editor

Anthony Carpio

August 26, 2011

Ekin Eser does his best to avoid logging onto his Facebook account but often finds himself typing the web address into his browser without realizing it. “I know it is a bad thing to go on Facebook a lot,” said Eser, a pre-finance major. “I have to use an extension on my browser to pre...

Students can jeopardize employment over inapropriate Facebook behavior

Brian De Los Santos

May 16, 2011

President Barrack Obama and countless of celebrities have one. You network with friends and family through it. However, among the circle of your Facebook page visitors, there might be another member lurking through your profile you might feel uncertain about, your boss (or future boss in certain cases).   As thousands of students across the nation turn the tassel and graduate wit...

Oscar spotlight on ‘The Social Network’: we “like” it

Kristin Hugo

February 17, 2011

I was afraid that “The Social Network” (now available on DVD and Blu-Ray) would be just another documentary leeching off of the popularity of the latest big thing. Instead, the film has story substance and character development, although it’s not accurate enough to be a documentary. The film, which has been nominated for eight Oscars, i...

Students have mixed reactions to befriending professors on Facebook

Juana Esquivel

February 8, 2011

CSUN has no policy which prevents professors and students from being friends on Facebook. Steven Stepanek, chair and professor of the CSUN computer science department said that while there is no policy, there are university rules that transcend electronic media on what is appropriate and applicable. He...

Facebook study shows where friendships start

Reanna Delgadillo

November 8, 2010

Freshman Adam Weisberger said he has met many people since beginning his first year of college at CSUN. “Most of them actually are in my dorm or in my classes,” Weisberger said. Weisberger, 18, said he has mostly met his friends in his general education classes. The biology major said he...

Facebook Beats Google and Yahoo!

Rima Bek

September 17, 2010

You have a Facebook! I have a Facebook! Everyone has a Facebook! Okay, that’s quite cheesy and obviously an exaggeration. But almost everyone I know has a Facebook. We all know the purpose of Facebook is so that you can connect with your friends, talk with them, share photos and videos with...

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