Facebook Beats Google and Yahoo!

Rima Bek

You have a Facebook! I have a Facebook! Everyone has a Facebook!

Okay, that’s quite cheesy and obviously an exaggeration.

But almost everyone I know has a Facebook.

We all know the purpose of Facebook is so that you can connect with your friends, talk with them, share photos and videos with them, so on so forth. It’s our form of entertainment. It’s even our reason for procrastinating on school work—that’s not something Facebook users can deny.

Facebook, which launched in February 2004, became so popular that it hit its peak of 500 million friends in July.

Now, Facebook has another thing to add to its list of accomplishments: Internet users are spending more time on Facebook than on Google and Yahoo, according to comScore.

For those who don’t know, comScore is a marketing and research company that provides marketing data and services to many of the largest businesses on the internet.

Their examination shows that users spent more than 41,000 minutes on Facebook in August. Percentage-wise, that’s about 10% of their total internet time.

Users spent almost 40,000 minutes and almost 38,000 minutes on Yahoo.

While Facebook’s growth rate is quite impressive, it also reflects how members of society value their time.

Don’t get me wrong, I like going on Facebook. But 10% of my internet time on the social networking site would drive me mad. I love my friends, but—I would rather get to know more about them face-to-face.