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Google guest speaker introduces new cloud platform to CSUN students

man in white t shirt speaks to a class

Jacob Pascua

April 3, 2018

Josh Gwyther, the west coast’s Head of Customer Engineering for Google Cloud, spoke to students about their developing database platform.   Gwyther has worked for Google over two years, approaching clients to run applications on the platform. According to Gwyther, Google Cloud is a data...

CSUN graduate student creates new search engine

Rima Bek

November 28, 2010

One CSUN graduate student said he wanted to learn more about search engines and decided to combine all the features that every major search engine has to offer. Md Ershad Ali Suzon, 29, who is studying for his master’s in computer sciences, created earlier this year. “T...

Google Buzz lawsuit settlement gives students privacy control

Rima Bek

November 18, 2010

Google Inc. was recently sued and settled a lawsuit concerning alleged privacy violations, according to an e-mail sent on Nov. 2 to all Gmail users in the United States. Google’s social networking program, Google Buzz, which launched in February of this year, was at the crux of the allegations. Google...

Google music store coming soon?

Rima Bek

September 27, 2010

Google is proposing a partnership with major record labels for a long-awaited music service that would include music download store (like iTunes), as well as a subscription-based locker to store music, according to  The service would work like a traditional digital store, allowing...

Facebook Beats Google and Yahoo!

Rima Bek

September 17, 2010

You have a Facebook! I have a Facebook! Everyone has a Facebook! Okay, that’s quite cheesy and obviously an exaggeration. But almost everyone I know has a Facebook. We all know the purpose of Facebook is so that you can connect with your friends, talk with them, share photos and videos with...

Staff Editorial: Me comes before mobile

Ashley Gordon

October 2, 2009

The advent of wireless Internet connection has been both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it’s allowed people the ability to work more efficiently and remain consistently accessible. On the other, it’s allowed people the ability to work too efficiently and remain consistently too accessible....

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