Google music store coming soon?

Rima Bek

Google is proposing a partnership with major record labels for a long-awaited music service that would include music download store (like iTunes), as well as a subscription-based locker to store music, according to

 The service would work like a traditional digital store, allowing customer to purchase a single song or an entire album.

Google would charge customers $25 a year to store their songs in the locker. From the locker, customers can either stream or download their music from any device with internet access. This could be difficult for record labels to deal with because of the chances that pirated or stolen tracks could be uploaded as well.

 The locker would also include social networking applications, such as letting users share playlists with each other.

Anonymous from the Billboard’s report say they don’t exactly know how much Google would charge for songs and albums. Labels would sell Google music digital albums would be sold at a wholesale price of $7 (most songs would be sold at a wholesale price of 70 cents). Take note that a 70 cent wholesale download typically sells for 99 cents and a $7 wholesale digital album sells for $10.