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  • September 21CORONAVIRUS DAILY UPDATE: 652 new cases, 16 deaths in L.A. County

Granada Hills Pink Panthers

Gabriela Rodriguez

November 5, 2014 The Granada Hills, Little League Softball team Pink Panthers is ready for season. The Little League team has a total of twelve girls. The girl’s ages range from six to eight-years-old. Parents gather every Sunday morning for a...

Prop 1

Gabriela Rodriguez

November 4, 2014 The 2014 Midterm elections are underway! Many Americans have been anticipating this event while others are still trying to figure out what many of the props are. One of the most advertised propositions out there is Prop One: California’s...

Disney’s Moana

Gabriela Rodriguez

November 4, 2014 Walt Disney Animation Studios has officially shoved off on “Moana.” Disney offered a first look at the computer generated adventure set in the South Pacific and awaiting a late 2016 release date. K-C-S-N’s Helen Mora has more on what...

Pumpkin Picking

Gabriela Rodriguez

October 30, 2014 Halloween is just around the corner. San Fernando Valley residents are rushing to their nearest Pumpkin Patch Farms. K-C-S-N Lupe LLerenas says they’re great for all ages!

Metro Parking

Gabriela Rodriguez

October 30, 2014 With the new rail lines designed by Metro and the Los Angeles County, residents will be able to reach new destinations. But with the current rail stations, many commuters are not reaching locations that are nearby. For commuters who drive to...

Can you put a price on a college degree?

Gabriela Rodriguez

October 29, 2014 Employment is finally beginning to pick up once again in the United States but that doesn’t mean that people are getting the jobs they want. K-C-S-N’s Ashley Goossen reports that many college graduates are...

Texting 911

Gabriela Rodriguez

October 29, 2014 The Los Angeles police department has one of the largest jurisdictions in the country. K-C-S-N's James Jewett says by the end of the year people living in L-A will have another tool to contact emergency services.

Twerking Fitness Class

Gabriela Rodriguez

October 21, 2014 Twerking has been popular for quite some time now and it can actually be beneficial to your health. Ladies from all over are using this infamous dance move to get into shape. KCSN’s Brenda Garcia has the latest on an exclusive workout class...

KCSN News Update: Burbank Airport opens regional transportation center

Andrew Martinez

July 2, 2014

A $112 million regional transportation center opens at the Burbank Airport. Government, business, and law enforcement officials believe hackers are winning the war against cybercrime. Forty percent of women surveyed about workforce opportunities believe they are under-compensated and would like t...

KCSN news update: same-sex partners of military veterans to now receive benefits

Madison Ruppert

September 11, 2013

The following stories will be covered tonight on KCSN: Many college students work up to 19 hours a week to help pay for their education expenses. The passage of a state assembly bill means that drivers who park at broken meters in Los Angeles will no longer be ticketed. Same-sex partners of milita...

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