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CSUN students complain about A.S.’ lack of participation in protests

Samantha Tata March 9, 2011

Students expressed their disappointment with Associated Students’ lack of public participation in CSUN’s March 2 protest against budget cuts during the senate session Tuesday. “I want...

CSUN students demonstrate during March 2 Day of Action for Education

Samantha Tata March 3, 2011

CSUN’s protest against budget cuts to California’s higher education incorporated lessons from last year’s demonstration. The idea of education as a human right drew mixed reactions from the student...

Demonstrators voice concern for future CSU students

Khara Huberman March 2, 2011

CSUN students protesting for March 2 Day of Action met up in front of the Oviatt Library after two groups split to march to the west and east side of the campus. The students are protesting increasing...

LAPD and CSUN police out in force to monitor March 2 Day of Action protest

Juana Esquivel March 2, 2011

Hundreds of Los Angeles Police Department officers filled the F10 student parking lot on the northeast corner of Lindley Avenue and Lassen Street as a staging area for the March 2 protest against budget...

CSU budget cuts protesters start marches on and around campus for Day of Action

Kristopher A. Fortin March 2, 2011

The number of protesters gathering in front of the Oviatt Library began to gradually grow around 11:20 a.m. Students first began to gather in front of the library at 10:20 a.m. Bayramian Hall...

CSUN students will be protesting budget cuts and fee hikes on Wednesday

Brian De Los Santos March 1, 2011

CSUN students are preparing to protest against budget cuts on Wednesday, March 2. The Activist Student Coalition (ASC) is organizing the Day of Action along with 13 other campus organizations that wish...

CSUN students vent their frustrations about budget cuts at ‘Vocal Artillery’ open mic event

Ashley Soley-Cerro February 26, 2011

The Students for a Quality Education (SQE) creatively expressed their irritation with the $500 million proposed budget cut for the next school year by hosting an open mic night at the Chicana/o house...

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