LAPD and CSUN police out in force to monitor March 2 Day of Action protest

Juana Esquivel

Hundreds of Los Angeles Police Department officers filled the F10 student parking lot on the northeast corner of Lindley Avenue and Lassen Street as a staging area for the March 2 protest against budget cuts and tuition increase.

Gus Villanueva, Los Angeles Police Department public information officer and detective said the LAPD wanted to make sure everyone’s First Amendment was protected.

“We’re under operations to ensure the safety of the protesters,” said Scott Vanscoy, CSUN Police Department captain of patrol operations.

The police officers were scattered across the parking lot in small groups. Some ate lunch while others stood under small tents.

A CSUN student was walking pass the parking lot on his way to class said students want more classes but “they” pay more for police officers.

“When you see it, it’s like they wonder why we’re angry and we can’t get classes but they’re willing to pay for all of this to keep us in control,” said Linas Sepikas, 20, finance major.

Sepikas said the police presence did not make him feel safer.

“All of them versus us, it feels like they’re trying to shut us up and control us,” he said.

Sepikas said he was going to be in class and not participate in the on campus protests.

“If you want to keep me in control, keep me in class,” Sepikas said. “Don’t hire 50 cops to watch over me, I can do that. I’m an adult. Give us professors, not more of these guys.”