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How texting can affect relationships

Sarah Robles pictured checking her phone

Joceline Barron

January 18, 2017

Texting has become an integral part of some relationships with the rise of smartphones and the ever-connected world.Communications professor, Rebecca Clark Mane, spoke about the ways this type of communication can influence relationships between people."Texting can affect a relationship in different way...

Social Media vs Real Life

A woman on a romantic date in a restaurant

Raquel Ramirez

October 12, 2016

For Sara Gobrial, a political science major and her boyfriend Daryer Jones, public health major, they made a compromise about social media and their relationship. “Social media did cause problems," Gobrial said. "In the beginning of the relationship I would get upset because he wouldn’t ...

Luring and releasing a ‘catfish’

Hugo Espinoza color illustration of of a man seated in front of a large screen. Chicago Tribune 2006

Kristine Malicse

March 23, 2015

Rosemary Abundis is a freshman who has experienced the act of being catfished. Catfish is term made popular by Nev Shculman after his experience in his popular 2010 documentary under the same name. The term “catfish” is an informal term that means luring a person into a romantic relationship un...

Interracial couples: is the racial divide over?


Kathleen Johnson

March 18, 2015

It was only 15 years ago that Alabama was the final state to legalize interracial marriage. At one time a forbidden concept, interracial couples have greatly increased in our society today, yet has the racist stigma behind interracial couples truly disappeared? Jackie Leonardo, a 23-year-old Filipino CSUN s...

Peeking into the male mind about the friend zone

Photo credit: Thomas Gallegos

Jamie Perez

February 25, 2015

Throughout our dating lives, we often pursue people that are either out of our league, or simply aren’t sharing the same amount of interest as we have in them. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to land the perfect 10. Other times, we are put in the dreaded friend zone. Typically, the friend zone i...

How real is the friend zone for females

Photo credit: Thomas Gallegos

Kristine Malicse

February 25, 2015

The term "friend zone" may be a popular label for a male, but its occurrence in females are common. As a female, there seems to be a negative implication for us to tell males they are better off as friends. It is seen as a cop-out, or simply being shallow. However, the consequence of a female s...

Mr. and Mrs. Monday Episode 4: Dating Apps

Mr. and Mrs. Monday Episode 4: Dating Apps

Daniel Shin

February 16, 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Monday are back to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of dating apps. Like the show and want some romantic advice? You can always get involved in the discussion by following and tweeting @mrandmrsmonday. Follow Steph (@StephStanzi) and Pete (@petecertified) for more on relationship...

Mr. and Mrs. Monday Podcast Episode One: Winter Flings

Pete and Steph bring the Mr. and Mrs. Podcast til death does them apart. Photo courtesy of Tribune News Services.

Pete D. Camarillo

January 26, 2015

What better way to cure the Monday's than talking about everyone's favorite topic relationships? Join Steph and Pete as they hash out the difficulty of balancing school, work and those things called relationships in a brand-new podcast sure to keep you in-tuned. Tweet the duo your ques...

Ways to win over your partner’s parents

Ways to win over your partner's parents

Madison Wood

May 1, 2014

Winning over your significant other’s family is no easy feat, especially when you feel that they may not like you as much as you wish they did. Trouble with the “in-laws,” or legal in-laws, is a classic tale that almost everyone has experienced. However, hope is not lost. There are a few tips and tricks to k...

Combating the concept of the friend zone

Combating the concept of the friend zone

Madison Wood

April 23, 2014

"I’m tired of being thought of as “just a friend” by so many girls. Is the friend zone forever?" Being put in the “friend zone” is something we have all encountered at some point in our dating experience. Falling for someone only to find out that they don’t look at you the same is never eas...

Birds of a feather can overcome addiction together

Birds of a feather can overcome addiction together

Madison Wood

April 16, 2014

In tune with this week’s theme, let’s talk harmful habits. Being involved with someone who is battling their own demons can put a strain on any relationship. Anything from substance abuse to mental health issues that can cross over into the relationship territory can be tricky. These situations often put yo...

Relationship Column: How to rebuild yourself after a breakup

Relationship Column: How to rebuild yourself after a breakup

Madison Wood

March 26, 2014

Breaking up with someone can put you in an awkward and uncomfortable position. In order to keep things cordial and to end the relationship on a good note, make sure to set up a time in which you can speak with your former significant other in person. Do this to provide them closure and to answer an...

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