Social Media vs Real Life



A woman on a romantic date in a restaurant. (Dreamstime/TNS)

Raquel Ramirez

For Sara Gobrial, a political science major and her boyfriend Daryer Jones, public health major, they made a compromise about social media and their relationship.

“Social media did cause problems,” Gobrial said. “In the beginning of the relationship I would get upset because he wouldn’t post about me, but after a while it didn’t matter.”

Jones no longer has social media and it has worked a lot better in their favor.

Like Jones, there are some people who have social media, but refuse to post anything because they don’t want other people to ruin their relationship because of their past experiences.

“I used to be about social media because of my past, but with my current relationship he influenced [me] to not worry about it” said Yuliasa Avalos, a sociology major. “You don’t have to post pictures to let people know you’re happy.”

Other students like political science major Sylvia Mejia believe social media can damage a relationship.

“Personally, I don’t see a need to post everything about my relationship on social media because I’ve seen how damaging it can be,” Mejia said.

Mejia and her boyfriend Randy, an environmental and occupational health major, said they are great with trusting each other and giving each other their space but it did take some time.

“Randy is a little more jealous than me,” Mejia said. “So at first he was always wondering about what I was doing on social media but with time he learned he can trust me.”

Mejia says her boyfriend’s past relationship is what had an influence on him over social media.

“He was used to his past girlfriend but I am not like that,” Mejia said.

There are people who don’t use social media as an outlet to show each other off but just to have it for fun.

Former couple-now-friends Anthony Martinez and Julie Vargas, public health major and studying psychology respectively, said social media for them was for fun and never caused any problems. They also never posted pictures together.

They said they made the transition from couple to friends pretty well and they didn’t pay attention to the old pictures.

Melissa Gonzalez, a criminology major, said as a result of her past experiences, she would rather keep her relationships private because of the damage it caused before.

“You can find a lot with a click of a button,” Gonzalez said.