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turkey flyer

SRC: Turkey Burn-Off Challenge

The Student Recreation Center of the University Student Union wants to help you snap out of your holiday food coma with the Turkey Burn-Off...
red and white sign

SRC enforces clothing guidelines with new visual aids

The Student Recreation Center implements visual aid posters to encourage employees and members to follow the dress code.

Filmmakers Call “Action!” on Campus

CSUN is becoming the home of entertainment as more movie and TV productions continue to shoot on our film-friendly campus.
Art piece shows the words "Crime Blotter" above a pair of open handcuffs and a crushed beer can

Crime Blotter August 29 – September 4

Monday, Aug. 29 An unknown suspect etched graffiti onto a wall in Monterey Hall. A hit-and-run occurred in the B5 parking structure when an unknown suspect...

Wellness event informs students on maintaining health and their well-being

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_uUM6IfAN4 The Student Recreation Center (SRC), Klotz Student Health Center and University Counseling services are inviting students to this fall’s “Welcome to Wellness.” Students are encouraged...

CSUN students get answers to basic questions

Getting to know your campus is really important but it can also be confusing and difficult to learn for outsiders who don’t know anything...

Student Recreation Center celebrates its one year anniversary with Spring Kickoff

Students, faculty and alumni will celebrate the Student Recreation Center (SRC) one year anniversary, Thursday, through a University Student Union Spring Kickoff, featuring contests,...

CSUN rock climber lives on the edge

His family starts the countdown for him to jump. Three, two… He looks around Lake Mead. Nothing but dirt and dust, sharp-edged rocks around him, a...

Torrential downpour floods USU games room, student recreation center not affected

Correction: The USU is a separate entity from the university and has its own custodial services. PPM was never called to do clean up...

CSUN’s student recreation center to open Spring 2012

Despite heavy winter rains, the new Student Recreation Center is still set to open in Spring 2012. “We’re on time,” said Bryanne Knight, the Recreation...

Students to celebrate halfway mark of new recreation center

The University Student Union is celebrating the future Student Recreation Center today by holding a Halftime Report on the Matador Bookstore lawn. From 11...
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