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Filmmakers Call “Action!” on Campus

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You’re at home watching your favorite TV show or that popular box office movie in theaters. In this scene, students with their backpacks are walking aimlessly to class. In another, the actress is walking down empty halls of a place you suddenly recognize. You think to yourself, “Why does that place look so familiar?”

You’re suddenly hit with déjà vu as you realize that you too, have walked those same halls and campus grounds yourself.

CSUN has been seen in many well-known movies and television shows, such as “Sky High,” “Star Trek,” “We Are Your Friends,” “John Tucker Must Die,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Supergirl,” and “The Office.”

As entertainment and television production fill the hallways of Manzanita Hall and the steps of the Oviatt Library, students see their everyday lives come up on the big screen. Despite the on-going scholastic events and classes in session, moviemakers choose CSUN as an affordable, convenient location.

An email from the University Licensing Office, which is in charge of facility policy for filming stated that “CSUN is within the studio zone and is a film-friendly campus.”

The email stated that iconic buildings such as the Oviatt Library, Valley Performing Arts Center and the Student Recreation Center are often requested by filmmakers.

There are, however, guidelines and procedures that must be followed once a request email is sent and approved for filming by the Facilities and Trademark Licensing Office.

All prospective filming must comply with the university’s class and event schedule, according to the office.

Derogatory language, ludicrous behavior and attire, and anything offensive to culture, gender, sexual orientation is off limits while filming on-campus. In order to facilitate a “film-friendly” location for filmmakers, current students on campus are greatly considered.

While some students were able to easily recognize CSUN in the background of production scenes, others were surprised.

As sociology major, Amber Guzman, sits on a bench in front of the Oviatt Library, she is stunned to find out high school students with superpowers flew right into her very location back in 2004.

“Growing up, I watched Sky High and I thought it was really cool,” she said. “But I had no idea it was here, which makes it even cooler.”

She believed CSUN does more than just offer the campus’s location to anyone in film production.

“I feel like the school gives a lot of opportunities for these actors’ and actresses’ careers,” Guzman said.

For screenwriting major Bella Tetangco, she finds herself to be even prouder to be a Matador, while knowing CSUN is the home of entertainment.

“It’s inspiring to be around creative minds,” she said. “It motivates me even more to work harder for my career.”

As more and more films and TV shows are still underway, CSUN welcomes all kinds of genres. It gives students the opportunity to be a part of what may turn into a popular phenomenon in Hollywood.

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