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Stone placard surrounded by rusting debris and green foliage

Title IX videos: Not enough safety?

There are other topics that should be included, such as safety tutorials about active shooters and earthquakes, in registration holds.
Nancy Devos pictured delivering a speech

California Higher Education disapproves of Betsy DeVos

The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education has concerns with the Secretary of Education nominee.
Pamela Thomason smiles for camera

First employee working to end sexual violence across 23 CSU’s

The CSU systemwide Title IX officer is responsible for addressing issues of sexual assault on the campuses.
Picture of Csun dorms

Student raped inside of her dorm in University Park

Student is the victim of sexual assault in the University dorms.

Visualizing Title IX’s impact

Title IX has been a beacon of opportunity to countless athletes since its inception.

Deadline approaches for students to complete “Agent of Change”

Last month, students received an email from CSUN President Dianne F. Harrison, Ph.D. requiring completion of "Agent of Change," an online education course...
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