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Fitness Fridays: the benefits of pole dancing

Natalie Haskell practices her routine at 24th Street Theatre/Sierra 2 for SacPolemento, Sacramento's first annual pole dance and aerial arts showcase. Haskell owns Exotic Pole Fitness By Natalie in Marysville, California, and she has been pole dancing for five years. (Morgan Searles/Sacramento Bee/MCT)

Jamie Perez

March 13, 2015

When people think of ways to stay healthy, many consider working out to stay in shape and decrease the chances of health related medical issues. People will often look for fun, new ways to stay in shape outside of simply going to the gym. As an up-and-coming form of exercise, pole dancing is making it...

Creative ways to get fit

Creative ways to get fit

Rose Barraza

February 17, 2015

Climb, jump, dodge and flip this year for a complete and unique full body workout in Northridge and Van Nuys. The Student Recreation Center offers rock-climbing classes with the membership that is already included in your CSUN tuition. Rock-climbing clears your mind and works out your entire body. “You’re...

Reinventing your workout routine

Reinventing your workout routine

Christina Toroyan

November 18, 2010

Question: Dear Life & Style, I joined a gym about six months ago, and have been going on a regular basis. Lately, I dread going to the gym because I find my normal routine boring and monotonous. How can I reinvent my gym experience while still practicing a balanced work out routine?” -Running ragged Advice: Having a balanced workout, esp...

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