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Fitness Fridays: the benefits of pole dancing

Natalie Haskell practices her routine at 24th Street Theatre/Sierra 2 for SacPolemento, Sacramento’s first annual pole dance and aerial arts showcase. Haskell owns Exotic Pole Fitness By Natalie in Marysville, California, and she has been pole dancing for five years. (Morgan Searles/Sacramento Bee/MCT)

When people think of ways to stay healthy, many consider working out to stay in shape and decrease the chances of health related medical issues. People will often look for fun, new ways to stay in shape outside of simply going to the gym. As an up-and-coming form of exercise, pole dancing is making its way into the mainstream forms of fitness.

Many people are skeptical about taking a pole dancing class due to the negative stigma that is associated with it. When the media covers nothing but the sensual side of pole dancing, it’s hard to blame people for feeling this way.

Pole dancing is a full-body workout and includes cardio resistance training as well. It’s the full package!

Not only is pole dancing a great workout, but there are also always new moves to try and improve on. Unlike the gym, where the moves and exercises are constant on every machine, pole dancing offers a way to maintain variety in each class. There are thousands of combinations of spins, still holds, body lifts, drops and poses. It is hard to imagine how someone can get bored when there are so many new things to try on the pole.

The excuses most commonly heard for not trying pole dancing are “I have no upper body strength,” “I’m too weak” or “I’m not sexy enough.”

Ladies and gentlemen, in the words of Kevin Hart, “You’re going to learn today.”

Pole dancing builds upper body strength. You do not need to have Superman arms and a model status figure to take a pole dancing class. Pole dancing is so welcoming and accepting of people of all shapes, colors, ages and sizes. Pole dancing classes are even offered for kids!

Many articles and blogs have been posted as to why pole dancing has helped people gain confidence and lose weight in a fun, healthy way. With body weight training and constant cardio, pole dancing is an exciting, healthy way to get in shape.

With video tutorials and competitions posted on YouTube, this is even a workout you can do at home.

Pole dancing can challenge some of the fittest athletes that partake in mainstream sports, such as rugby and gymnastics.

So, forget the negative stigma that is attached to pole dancing because as many videos and articles have shown, it is actually a full body workout and not just about the sexualized dance that many make it out to be.

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