In-state tuition to undocumented students must stop or illegal immigration will grow beyond control

The California Supreme Court is reviewing a lawsuit challenging AB 540, a state law that allows an estimated 25,000 undocumented students to receive in-state tuition.

And I say “hallelujah.”

The L.A. Times reported in-state tuition can be $19,000 lower than fees charged to out-of-state students annually. Undocumented students are not even legal residents of the United States, let alone California.

So how can undocumented students receive such financial aid while U.S. citizens empty their bank accounts?

To even consider the idea of allowing individuals, who do not legally reside here, access to higher education at a lower price than some U.S. citizens is unnecessary, especially during a statewide budget crisis.

Kris W. Kobach, a constitutional attorney who represents cities and states that fight illegal immigration, told the L.A. Times “If you give (in-state tuition) to illegal aliens, you have to give it to all U.S. citizens.”

Kobach also said lower tuition for undocumented students costs the state more than $200 million annually.

Undocumented students should not obtain any tuition assistance whatsoever from our country under any circumstances. If they are not willing to complete the requirements to obtain legal citizenship in America, then they do not deserve higher education benefits in America.

U.S. citizens and legal residents attempting to attain a degree are facing financial burdens as is. The fact undocumented students are even eligible to attend our colleges in the first place is absurd and unacceptable.

Justice Ming W. Chin was also quoted in the L.A. Times questioning that lower tuition for undocumented students may not make fiscal sense.

“In this budget climate, is this really a good idea? Can we afford it?” Chin said.

No, it is not a good idea and no, we cannot afford it.

Undocumented immigrants consciously decide not to participate in the processes that would grant them legal residency in this country.

If we continue to treat undocumented immigrants like legal residents, we’re allowing them to act as legal residents and therefore benefit as legal residents. In this case regarding in-state tuition, undocumented immigrants are actually receiving a better deal than some legal residents. It’s outrageous.

There’s zero motivation for them to obtain proper citizenship as long as we offer them a U.S. citizen’s lifestyle.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

I have to blame the government for its inability to successfully uphold its rules and regulations.

Why even have boarders if we’re not going to properly enforce their existence? Why even have green cards or the naturalization process if we’re not going to force all immigrants to comply with these essential procedures?

Our failure to enforce consequences results in the spineless society we’re currently experiencing, bending and folding and bowing down to individuals who do not legally reside here.

We’re being taken advantage of, repeatedly, as we cut costs to let undocumented students enjoy our educational system and I’m stepping up to say it’s not okay as long as U.S. citizens pay full price.

Now, I realize that offering undocumented students the opportunity to receive an education might have its benefits. But, the question is, should they be receiving in-state tuition? Should they be eligible for a low-priced education while legal residents of America are stripped of cash thanks to enrollment fees?

Absolutely not.

Out-of-state students pay $27,892 to live on-campus and $18,678 to live off-campus here at CSUN while in-state students pay $17,772 for on-campus and only $8,508 off-campus.

To let undocumented students pay $10,120 to $10,170 less a year than out-of-state students is catastrophic considering the state of our economy. And that amount strictly encompasses CSUN alone. That amount refers to one student.

Our budget deficit leaves no room for financial loss of this magnitude. As Kobach suggests, it would only be fair to allow out-of-state legal citizens a degree discount as well. That’s tens of thousands of dollars thrown away during a time where we need to hastily attain billions.

Not to mention, the competition in college classrooms has caused futures to flicker and, for some, burn out completely.

How many U.S. citizens and legal residents attending colleges and universities have been put on a waiting list for required classes? How many didn’t even make the list? How many have been turned away from universities and colleges altogether?

Each undocumented students receiving in-state tuition is a direct slap in the face to each U.S. citizen being denied a proper education despite the big bucks they’re surrendering.

U.S. citizens and legal residents deserve first priority and if you disagree then consider allowing criminals free bail. Let’s start cutting all law-breakers a financial break and just banish the word illegal from our vocabulary if we’re going to ignore its meaning anyway.

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  • workhard

    If you guys would just realize and consider that this law is helping a certain group of illegal immigrants, the ones that had no real choice in coming here. They are american by culture, and they represent the ideal parts of our culture. they are not your fat, lazy, handout loving, ignorant, expecting of unmerited entiltements type of people. it is a select group of people.

    These are 4.0 students, who even with all the obstacles in their path to an education, they still choose to fight for the ability to get educated. they are earning it and pay money from thier own pockets to pay for thier education. and I hope you understand money is not easy to come by for them since they can’t really get jobs and are constantly studying. The bill is not granting them financial aid or anything of that sort. It is simply giving them the same treatment as anybody else who has lived in the state for the same amount of time.

    They are not your la raza supporting, mexican loyalists. They have the values that many americans have. They speak english fluently, you wouldn’t even suspect it if you met them. For those of you who would say well go back to where you came from, we dont care, we dont want you here, . Send one of your own kids to a foreign country, one where they have never been. That is what you are doing to these people. the only difference is birth place. Most people would say too bad so sad, because it would not be affecting them directly. It would be at somebody elses expense. they don’t know these people, it is not emotionally relevant to them so they wont care.
    Most people want some reassurance that the situation will get better and for what ever reason they think that negatively impacting this select group of people will make things better for the country. These students don’t want to go to a country like mexico or other any country where people are ignorant,( this is a seriously big problem in the USA) and don’t have value for education, merit, and success. Besides, it would be a foregn country to them. illegal immigrants aren’t gonna flood the USA because of this law. this law helps students who have lived in the state and attended high school for atleast 3 years. Most of the students that I have seen have been here since preschool or before. These people aren’t the illegal immigrants that you have in mind. they aren’t trying to bring america down swearing some loyalty to some foreign country. since most have never been anywhere else. They are american by culture and mentallity. They are loyal to the USA, since clearly when even the people they identify with don’t like them, they still are fighting to stay and work to be a success. They are getting an education and want to be successful by working hard.

    In order to Qualify, you have to prove that you have lived in the state for an extended period of time, attended a high school for atleast three years and graduated, and sign an affadavit stating what your current situation in attempting to become a legal residentand or citizen is and that you are working on fixing it in compliance with the law. These people are not trying to take advantage of the USA. They are simple a product of circumstance.

    • This is an incentive for continual invasions & chain-migration for relatives of the anchor-children. The damage done by the relatives is not insignificant.*

      The alien student is _r_e_q_u_i_r_e_d_ to pursue legal residency. Thus, they obtain an advantage over others of his or her ilk in foreign countries:
      The latter are denied the opportunity to assimilate because of a lack of submersion into American culture.

      If the students are given this benefit, & if they were be made to return to their naitive nations, they might help those nations recover a pittance of what America has consumed from them by way of NAFTA & Remittances. (Remittances led Mexicans to quit their jobs, so that Factories closed [-Glenn Spencer @ American Patrol *].)

      They shall work for funds for their education, some of which can be taken by their unauthorized, alien relatives who brought them here. Why should such offspring fare better than children of other criminals?

      The 1st Law of Demand of Economics implies that benefits for alien, (unauthorized) Vermin exacerbate the Federal Gov’t’s duty for “every State,” to “protect each of them against Invasion” (U.S. Constitution, Article IV, Section 4).
      As the percieved Price of an ecomonic good declines,
      The Quantity demanded there-of arises (-Adam Smith);
      Will Pols. shoo Grand-ma’s Leeches, erecting Spi-i-ines?

      “Send one of your own kids to a foreign country, one where they have never been.”
      The analogy is inexact.
      Aliens naitive Nations’ languages & customs have already been imparted, with the help of
      Catholics, who are nicer than Jesus & furnish a Harbor for the infestation.

      I care more about & victims of heart attacks, & for victims of drunk, unauthorized Aliens, who kill more than 10 Americans daily.**

      “illegal immigrants aren’t gonna flood the USA because of this law. this law helps students who have lived in the state and attended high school for atleast 3 years.”
      You mean that Aliens can’t come here when they’re about 14 years old in order to go to High School? The L.A.U.S.D. hides behind the Federal education-records Privacy-Act, doesn’t it
      (confer , to which WikiPedia referred me) ?

      “They are american by culture and mentallity. They are loyal to the USA, ….”
      They are bi-, or tri-cultural — they like[d] Cristina Aguilera & are motivated by grasping materialism. & their pals in school might be going in the path of drug-smuggling parents.
      * — For more bad news about U.A.’s, visit the California Coalition for Immigration Reform @ -or-
      ** — U.A.’s kill >10 Citizens by other means, daily. 25 deaths per day is like several Passenger Jets crashing per month.

      • If you live with dogs, you’ll get their fleas.

        No Surrender !

  • There is one thing I most agree to with the article, that Other Non California Residents have to pay more than Non US citizens.

    I attended CSUN as a out of state student from WA. it is a pain in the ass to pay for out of state tuition and to know that someone who is not a US citizen gets a better deal than me at a public institution is ridiculous to me.

    HOWEVER, I do believe that Illegal immigrants (specially those that have been in the US their entire life) should get a break, but not greater than what OUT of state students have to pay as opposed to International Students.

    Could we call that a compromise?

    • How frustrated they appear when they get nabbed & deported ! Consider Mr. Som Debil, originally from Bangledesh & invaded at age 3 (“findthepath” @ He now can compete with Indians — he sounds like Carl Sagan.

  • logan

    Your disgusting.
    To deny a human an education, being that they are “illegal”, is disturbing, and alarming to me, and should be to you.
    Just because they are not from here, does not mean they cannot receive money to go to school.
    Would you rather have these “illegal” humans roaming our streets causing trouble?
    Or would you rather have them in school getting a education, not only to better themselves, but to better whatever it is they plan on studying.
    Look..this state sucks. Was it what you call “illegal” humans fault for messing up the state budget and what not? No, it was capitalist trying to make a quick buck.

    And for the Daily Sundial, I thought this was a newspaper, not an opinion based “newspaper”

    • David the small-L libertarian

      No, Logan, I think you’re the one who’s “disgusting.” Apparently you think so little of illegal aliens that you threaten us saying that they’ll be “roaming the streets causing trouble” if we don’t give them money to go to university. You could help by letting two or three of them move in and live with you for free. You can pay for their meals and clothing as well.

      Neither I, nor did most of my friends go to university. They all have well-paying jobs, own homes, pay (high) taxes and aren’t out causing trouble in the streets.

      Also, you might note that most newspapers have an editorial section and opinion section. That includes the Sundial. What are you learning at CSUN?

  • Danielle

    I am a US Citizen with full rights to this country. In 2007, I moved to California to attend college at CSUN. As a citizen, I did not need to pay international student fees, but as a new resident of California, I needed to pay out of state fees.

    How is it that we legal residents of this country and state need to prove our rights and yet those who cannot show any proof or documentation get away with these priviledges?

  • Yosuar

    “How many U.S. citizens and legal residents attending colleges and universities have been put on a waiting list for required classes? How many didn’t even make the list? How many have been turned away from universities and colleges altogether”

    Im really sorry that an undocumented student is more qualified than these people who you are saying are being left out. Adding to this you failed to cover that a lot of undocumented immigrants go ahead and pay taxes every year and get nothing back from the state…. I would honestly love to see your budget once these undocumented immigrants stop paying taxes… you would go ahead and see how much you need us. Please do your research before you start blabbing on

    • Unauthorized Aliens who get a Tax ID number may receive the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).
      They get Section 8 housing funds & WIC (Welfare for Indigent parents’ Children).
      If they don’t pay taxes, they get rich faster than those who pay for insurance: U.A.s can get “free” Medical-paid service at hospitals, which are fined $50,000 per unserved prospective U.A. patient.

      That’s (sh)amnesty, and Treason against the U.S. Constitution, Article 4, Section 4 —
      each state must be protected against INVASIONS.