A.S. budget ‘consistent’, will increase

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As of their final meeting of the academic year, the Associate Students senate had $12,729 in their unassigned contingency fund and $21,905 in their academic related resource fund and will see their budget increase next semester.

Director of Finance Vahan Khodanian said that although the fiscal year does not end until the last day of June, the senate is safe in its finances.

“We’ve been pretty consistent,” he said.¬† “I’ve allocated¬† a lot but they’ll be fine to finish the year.”

Khodanian said the A.S. annual budget will earn an additional $120,000 in the fall due to an increase in the A.S. fee.

“We increased the A.S. fee by $2,” he said.¬† “It’s now $82.”

He added that over 200 clubs and organizations will be on the A.S. budget list next semester, based on those entities that submitted budget applications.

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