First generation Americans in conflict

Illustration shows a woman standing in front of various countries' flags
The problem with being an "American": when cultures clash

Trauma via training

Man pictured in a dark room opening a door into a lit room
Rape survivors face unnecessary stress through mandatory training course.

Revisiting images of First Ladies

What can "Jackie" tell us about our new first lady?

Election month-down: Trumplandia

donald trump speaks at the podium for an event hosted by the company carrier
In the era of Trump, what is real and what is not, will blend into one and trolling will find itself accepted.

Free speech moments

Photo shows students marching in anti-trump protest
Last week at CSUN, there were protests on campus around the election. There were also protests about the Armenian genocide. One protest occurred at...

I want the right to vote

Photo shows several people voting
I immigrated to the United States from El Salvador when I was four years old with my mother, and maternal grandparents. I am...

Election month-down: the presidency unraveled

Barack Obama speaks with Trump
The office of president has been refined after centuries of occasional blemishes, but the Trump victory will tarnish that reputation indefinitely.

DC Society: Behind the grandeur of Washington, Poverty still lives

DC society logo
A few weeks ago I was given the great opportunity of traveling to our nation's capital. Anyone who knows me could tell you that...

Election month-down: with the October surprise comes overdue urgency

Trump and Clinton shake hands after debate
With a latent period in hurting the candidates' poll numbers, it will become more determined in who will win the election, which is not necessarily a good thing.

Letter to the Editor

Students crowd the CSUN campus
Response to the Editorial from Oct. 21

Letter to the Editor

CSUN professor shown at salad bar
Response to article, "Student nutrition on a tight schedule and budget"

Editorial: When is it enough?

In the past weeks, information has come to light about an attempted kidnapping of a CSUN student near campus. Even though the girl was...