How classical music saved my grade

hands playing cello
A testament of the effectiveness of classical music as a concentration aid.

Congress remains holstered on gun control

boy in black shirt being held by woman in grey shirt, both holding candles
An opinion piece critical on Congress's lack of momentum in creating gun control legislation

Struggling to survive another day

yellow blue and red Venezuelan flag behind smoke
A personal testament of the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

Read carefully: Media Literacy Week

blue and purple art
A commentary on the value of media literacy in modern life.

Men, Feminists and the Media

young looks on at a woman with awed expression while boy looks at man while mimicking him
A reflection on the need for male feminists and the media's role in forming people's view of gender.

Editorial: The importance of cultural studies

protestors holding different signs and flags
Though the Faculty Senate voted against implementing EO 1100, questions around the purpose of the elimination of Section F still remain.

The origin of equality

drawing of a hand holding a man in a blue suit
A discussion of why hashtags like #MeToo won’t solve anything – and determining what will.

Pressures of being a first generation American-born citizen

Illustration shows a woman standing in front of various countries' flags
Children of immigrant parents face pressures from both society and their parents.

‘Just a phase’: the mental health stigma in Asian cultures

painting with green white and orange colors
An exploration of the consequences of traditional ideas and cultural values on mental health resources.

You don’t own me

Political cartoon of woman with angry face wearing a black dress reading Women Voters. Next to her an elephant saying "If I said you had a beautiful body, would you let me make sweeping decisions about its reproductive health?"
A rebuttal of claims that the regulation and refusal of female contraceptives is justified.

My mother’s fight against breast cancer

pink ribbon in front of pink female logos
Breast cancer hits close to home.

Too close to home: the Las Vegas Massacre

crowd on Las Vegas strip in front of candles and flowers on the floor
An examination of the accountability of the average American in the wake of the Las Vegas Massacre.