Coming out as a trans woman

A reflection on trans self-discovery

Theory of prethoughtout language, part four

The fourth and final part of a theory tackling the problematic elements of modern communication through social media.

Investing in diversity pays off

Two women present their project
Diversity in science must remain a priority for the success of the nation

Modesty dies on a college campus

Illustration of a young boy leaving his parents at the bottom of a winding mountainous path that leads to school graduation
If you think you are an expert, from a critic's standpoint, you are not.

The sexual mythology epidemic

side of building pictured, it says, "Addie L Klotz Student Health Center"
Sexual myths can lead to misconceptions and STIs.

The bidding war over Berkeley

freedom of speech illustration
For centuries, the concept of freedom of speech was an issue liberals assumed was their own. Now, it's slipping away into xenophobic hands.

Coup de Trump

Illustration shows a sillouette of donald trump's face with an american flag print
A Yale professor says Trump and company will stage a coup before 2020. Does this mean America is going through a reckoning leading to this coup?

Editorial: CSUN, or where the foot of gentrification treads

illustration shows a giant man walking in a city to depict gentrification
What we talk about when we talk about gentrification.

Editors-in-chief reflect upon the past and future

Dede and Liz pictured talking in the newsroom
Elizabeth Vazquez and Dede Ogbueze speak about what they have learned and will accomplish in the future for The Sundial.

Theory of prethoughtout language: part three

students work on their laptops outside of manzanita hall
Investigations and considerations of counterarguments to the theory of prethoughtout language.

Editorial: putting out the flames of fear

students gather to talk about border patrol
Can the decision to create a separate career event for law-enforcement be viewed as a success?

Celebrity culture: a social responsibility

two students pictured refusing a bottle of pepsi
How Kendall Jenner's influence can run the world—for better or for worse.