Editorial: freedom of speech in an era of political-correctness, part one

Freedom of Speech illustration
College campuses are becoming the battleground for interpreting and exercising first amendment rights, despite the threat of PC culture.

Dreams of being in STEM deferred

Photo shows two women studying together
How a dream of working in the STEM fields can be deferred.

Letter to the editor: In response to “Travel ban: the un-American...

This is a letter to the editor in response to Mimi Kourieh's piece "The Travel Ban: The Un-American, America". I would like to start off...

Five tips to get through college faster

Picture of a 2016 graduation cap and tassle
From a student who took 15 years to get a bachelor’s degree.

Entrepreneurship in the field of education

Entrepreneurship does not have to mean building a multi-million-dollar company

Travel Ban: The Un-American, America

Trump's travel ban goes against everything the United States stands for

Theory of prethoughtout language: part one

Illustration shows the sillouete of a man behind bars with writing overlapping
Applying Nietzsche's prison house of language to the way we interact with social media.

Picasso exhibit answers aesthetic problem in art

Several people stand in front of picasso's "red armchair" painting which appears to be an abstract image of a woman sitting in a chair
"States of Mind" at the Norton Simon museum refutes the critique against Picasso that "a child can do it."

Editorial: The reality of America first

Illustration shows Trump and the Statue of Liberty playing Tug-a-war with the American flag
What will it mean for America to be prioritized?

First generation Americans in conflict

Illustration shows a woman standing in front of various countries' flags
The problem with being an "American": when cultures clash

Trauma via training

Man pictured in a dark room opening a door into a lit room
Rape survivors face unnecessary stress through mandatory training course.

Revisiting images of First Ladies

What can "Jackie" tell us about our new first lady?