Aches and pains, but why?

drawing of a girl in yellow sweater in distress
A student's experience of being a student while undergoing a health crisis.

Stop blaming video games for mass shootings

grey Nintendo controller
An case for the removal of video game violence from the debate over causes of mass shootings.

Hesitant hopes for Hyatt

drawing of a hotel bellhop
A reaction to Diamond Shipman's article, "High hopes of Hyatt", discussing the compatibility of our campus community and the hotel industry.

Stop giving pity to a murderer

Man stands at court in orange jumpsuit surrounded by lawyers and police
The media's depiction of Cruz exposes issues society still has when confronting mental illness as a defense.

To live or to learn

gun with Hoax written as a question mark inside of it
A reaction to the gun threat on campus, now named a 'hoax' by CSUN PD, and what this incident says about our campus' priorities.

Foundation of the future, foundation of today

four African american woman drawn with various mathematical equations in their clothes.
An exploration of the empowering legacies left behind by black women in history.

Chivalry isn’t dead

box of chocolates and roses
An exploration of how traditional ideals of romance and behavior can be adapted to the modern day.

The parking problem: A sustainable future

red bus at stop
A continued commentary on alternative and sustainable investments compared to the proposed 30 million dollar parking lot.

The internet age

drawing of girl with different electronic devices around her
An examination of the pros and cons of growing up influenced by the internet.

High hopes for Hyatt

drawing of bellhop with yellow H on his uniform
A commuting student reflects on benefits of the planned on-campus Hyatt hotel.

Let’s talk about sex

drawing of a bird and bee sitting on a branch
An argument for expanded sex education.

Paying for playing

soccer balls on field with referees surrounding them
The consequences of being a student athlete